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I've made a mistake in application form 5257,please help me

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by ashasi, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. Hi every one
    can anyone help me? I'm full of stress and upset.
    Yesterday I've submitted my application for visitor visa .after that I've got my biometric collection letter I noticed that I made a mistake in form NO 5257. in gender field instead of male I selected female!! I know that's a silly mistake after that I sent webform to embassy of canada in Ankara.. do they correct that ?
    and one important question: I want to go to the VAC in Istanbul I'm worry that they will tell me you can't give biometric because of your mistake in collection letter.. Or they give my biometric and after that they will correct it?
    does anyone has the same experience..I will appreciate your helps
    Thank you
  2. Nobody has a similar experience?
  3. There was a similar case some months ago:

    You need to email the correct application form to the Ankara visa office

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