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ITA Received - Few Queries

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by despairedh1b, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. All, I am very grateful for this forum and would be starting to post my experiences as well as I go through different phases to help others.

    I received my ITA on 10th July and had a few questions (sorry if some are silly):

    1) Proof of funds - I plan to show proof of funds as $20k (I am unmarried and have no children). Is this enough and will the letter from the bank suffice? I have no loans but a few credit cards here and there (all paid up).

    2) Address History - In address history, there is a gap of 4 days between two addresses. Basically I had an emergency and stayed back and my friend helped with the move. Do I have to attach LOE or should I just extend the days?

    3) Personal history - There was a gap of a month between my resignation and Masters program. I just marked it as unemployed and mentioned I was completing formalities for masters program. Is this fine?

    4) Employment - The job duties match upto 50% of my NOC code (I am a consultant and keep doing different projects) - but it does have 50% of the keywords, but some words such as test in the NOC code are shown as integrate in the job description. Will this be enough? To someone's point I do not want to repeat word for word.

    5) Travel History - I have also added all of my travel between country of origin (India) and country of residence (USA), should I remove those or continue to keep it?

    6) Scanned copies - I have a few copies taken by camera for PCC and they are clear but can make out it's camera. Do you recommend I take a fresh scan rather than uploading the camera versions?

    7) Digital Photo - For my Canada visitor VISA, I used a website to create a digital photo which worked (since mine was approved). However the photo is around 7 months old. Should I just upload this photo or take a new one? Can i still use the website since it was successful for Visitor's VISA?

    8) I had my ECA only evaluated for Masters. So for document upload I am only planning to upload transcript and WES evaluation for masters. Do I have to also upload my Bachelors and Diploma?
  2. I can only answer 6. For PCC color scan is strongly recommended
  3. 1. Yes. Make sure that the amount you show is equal to or more than what you have mentioned in the amount you are bringing in.
    2. Be Honest. Explain in your LOE. Address history needs to corroborate with PCC's.
    3. Yes.
    4. Can you please elaborate more on your job profile and the NOC you are using?
    5. Keep it. Travel between Country of Residence and Origin Countr is still travel history.
    6. Proper coloured scan. And don't use the Cam Scanner App. Use a proper scanner.
    7. Yes, you can, provided there are no changes to physical features of your face [eg, scars, gain/loss of weight, eye patch like Nick Fury]
    8. Upload all certificates and diplomas.
  4. Thank you dotslash, extremely helpful. Here's the elaboration for my NOC code. The noc code I have chosen is 2171

    Information systems business analysts and consultants
    • Confer with clients to identify and document requirements
    • Conduct business and technical studies
    • Design, develop, integrate, test and implement information systems business solutions
    • Provide advice on information systems strategy, policy, management, security and service delivery.
    This is what my company have given me (apologies in advance if it's a long post), the only issue is that I am a consultant and my projects always differ in some way or another:

    This letter confirms that <My Name> is presently employed with <Company Name>. <My Name> was hired on <Date>. <My Name> is currently a full time staff member in the <location> office in the position of <position name>. <my name> earns an annual salary of <$Salary>.

    <My Name> helps our clients adopt the cloud to transform Information Technology, scale and streamline operations and create new
    cloud based businesses through our strong alliances. He is at the forefront of helping organisations around the globe adopt innovative technology solutions that optimise business processes or enable scalable technology.

    Since joining he develops and manages integration strategies that help our clients implement cloud computing solutions related to enterprise architecture, service architecture, systems architecture, and business process management.

    As a <position>, <my name> works as part of a team of problem solvers with extensive consulting and
    industry experience, helping our clients solve their complex business issues from strategy to execution.
    Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to:
    • Proactively assist in the management of several clients, while reporting to Managers and above
    • Train and lead staff
    • Establish effective working relationships directly with clients
    • Contribute to the development of his own and team’s technical acumen
    • Keep up to date with local and national business and economic issues
    • Be actively involved in business development activities to help identify and research
    opportunities on new/existing clients
    • Continue to develop internal relationships and his company's brand
  5. Hi,
    You are saying that your NOC is 1271 and you have got the ITA in ontorio PNP?
  6. NOC 2171 looks good enough. It doesn't matter if you worked on different projects from time to time.
  7. No, I am not PNP. Got selected in normal draw.
  8. Thank you dotslash. Makes me feel much better :), maybe I was overthinking on the duties. Another friend of mine (not on this forum) who went through the process mentioned that IRCC gives enough chances and gets back to you incase they feel the letter is not adequate.
  9. HI despairedh1b and other members :)

    I have one question, when you get ITA, and you are applying for visa,
    are you uploading documents online, or you are taking it as papers to the embassy?
    (I am asking to see if some time slots should be booked in the embassy)

    Thanks! Good luck with applying!
  10. You upload your documents online. You don't have to go to the embassy unless you are called for an interview through your account. You will need to go to a visa processing centre, once or twice, to give biometrics (if you need to give) and submit your passport once you get a PPR.

  11. Thanks a lot for your answer!

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