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IsI college montreal

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Navkitty, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. may i know wer are you from?
  2. i had applied through agency,thy tod 3 yrs stayback s thr. dont know iam believing them :)
  3. Ludhiana nd u?
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  4. have you done any research abt the college.iam little scared actually.
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  6. I met with delegates of isi in education fair he told me that we are taking Indian students first time only canadian students are there but first time we are taking Indian students in our clg so don't worry u will get visa
  7. Good luck if only getting visa matters to you.
  8. its there. O19338447379 check with this number
  9. same they told me also
  10. Nice. I searched but with name..maybe some.missing word.

    Now the main point - You will get pgwp but if your course is not DEP or DEC you won't get csq which is pre-requisite for PR from Quebec so please clarify this also.

    Here to help only.

    All the best
  11. On my ofr leter it is already mentioned level of study -diploma (AEC) and admission eligibility -bachelors or DEC or equivalent

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