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IsI college montreal

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Navkitty, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. Anyone applied for ISI college montreal ?
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  2. yes i got the offer letter. Dont know much about the college.Are you joining
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  3. Don't see it in the list of designated DLI. Have you verified
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  4. Yes I also got ofr leter from isi . Have u submitted fees?
  5. It is thr in DLI list. No i have applied for edu loan.once i get it will pay
  6. Yes it has a DLI number
  7. what about you
    are u planning to join?
  8. In which course did u aply?
  9. Having DLI number doesn't mean anything. Is it entitled for pgwp : the course in there
  10. have you paid the fees?
  11. Tommorow I will pay fees
  12. computer network and security.what abouy u?
  13. In which course did u aply ?

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