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IsI college montreal

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Navkitty, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. Is it possible? Can we change d course easily ...
  2. Have u received visa ?
  3. Not yet I also submit my fees yet ..I only got my offer letter..what abt u
  4. I think so
    But m not sure
  5. What is this csq case does anyone knows anything about this??
  6. With a CSQ, a candidate can apply to the Federal government for permanent residence.
  7. On which Factor it is dependent
    • I have no idea
  8. That's the main thing couse many people in this forum are saying that if we study in isi we will get wp but no csq
  9. hello,
    I got offer letter from isi college in programming web development course , but i am confuse should i go with isi or not.
    i completed my bachelor in computer Engineering, give me right suggestion
  10. Im not goin to isi because of csq thing
  11. what is csq, sorry but i don't know, whould you please explain me
  12. Bruh it's just like caq which you get before study permit , you get csq before pr
  13. ok what is the main problem to get csq if i complete my study from isi college.

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