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Invitation to Apply Submitting your MPNP application

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  1. Invitation to Apply
    Submitting your MPNP application

    If you receive a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA), you will be able to log into your account and gain access to the full MPNP application.

    You will have 60 days from the date of your LAA to submit a complete application.
    Before you proceed

    Understand that it is up to each applicant to demonstrate, by submitting credible and verifiable documents in MPNP Online, that you are eligible to submit an application. Review immigratemanitoba.com and our Policy and Procedural Manual to fully to understand program policy and process, and take note that:

    The MPNP is not a sponsorship program. It is a permanent program of the Province of Manitoba to promote and facilitate economic immigration for independent skilled workers and entrepreneurs.
    Notwithstanding your declared Connection to Manitoba, the MPNP will assess your connection based on all documents you submit.
    The MPNP accepts applications from skilled workers in any occupation – unless otherwise specified – but the MPNP will consider your employability based on your past education, training, work experience, language skills and regulatory requirements during assessment of your application.
    You do not need an immigration representative to apply. If you choose to hire one, they must adhere to strict guidelines.
    The points worksheet and the Come to Manitoba, Canada Tool are strictly for you to self-assess your eligibility to apply. If there is a difference between your self-assessment and the assessment made by the MPNP based on the information and documents you provided, the MPNP assessment will be used.
    Applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis according to the criteria published on this website the date your application is received.
    An applicant is only permitted to have one MPNP application in process at one time, and cannot apply through both the skilled worker and business categories of the program.
    The MPNP reserves the right to require applicants who, in the view of the program, have the intention to immigrate to Canada for business purposes, to apply through the business category only.

    Document Requirements

    The MPNP assesses your eligibility based on the documents you submit with your MPNP Online application. You must substantiate all claims you made in your Expression of Interest (EOI) and all information provided ion your application with credible supporting documentation.

    Therefore, before you log in to apply, be sure that you know what documents you will need and gather all these documents so that you are prepared to scan and upload them with your MPNP Online application.

    This page explains the documents that all applicants are required to submit. (The documents you need to demonstrate your Connection to Manitoba are listed on the page for each connection category)
    Personal information

    To support the information you provide regarding your identity, residency and other personal details of yourself and your dependants, you must submit official (government-issued) documents proving the information you state in your application:

    ID: birth certificate
    Residence/travel: passport (including photo and detail pages, plus visas if country of residence differs from country of citizenship)
    Marital status: marriage/divorce/death certificates; separation agreement; documents proving your common-law partnership of at least one year
    Dependants: birth certificates must show names of both parents; adoption papers; custody agreements for children of divorce/separation, as well as travel documents


    Provide documents substantiating the claims you made in your EOI and application regarding secondary and post-secondary education and/or training, including details such as name of institution and program, dates of attendance and language of instruction, for yourself and your spouse.

    certificate, degree or diploma and transcripts for each program completed by applicant and spouse

    Note: if you say, for example, that you completed high school and university, you must upload transcripts and a certificate for high school AND transcripts and a certificate for university.

    Certified translation into English or French is required for each document issued in another language.

    Submit documents showing work history for the past five years and do not include jobs that were six months or less:

    signed letter of reference from each employer of the applicant and spouse
    Employer letters must be on company letterhead and signed by a company representative (include contact information).
    Your employer must include mention of: start and end dates for employment; a detailed description of position and duties, and the salary (wage) you were paid.

    Upload certified translation into English or French of each document issued in another language.

    Self-employed: submit copies of business registration, business tax records for each year, and copies of work contracts, if applicable.
    Immigration history and status

    You must submit documents substantiating all information you enter in your application regarding previous immigration applications to Canada and previous (or current) visits to and stays in Canada by yourself, your spouse and any adult dependants.

    For example: provincial nominee or federal immigration/refugee application result letter, visas for temporary work, study or visit – upload copy of official document

    Language ability

    You must submit documents to prove the statements you make in your application regarding your English and/or French language proficiency.

    Test results from approved language test are required by all applicants except those currently working in Manitoba in high-skill occupations (NOC 0, A or B).
    Only applicants who are not required to submit test results may submit other documents to show their English proficiency.
    Applicants are assessed language points for their “CLB” (Canadian language Benchmark) score, which we determine from your test results according to our CLB Grid.

    Settlement Funds

    All applicants should have C$10,000 plus C$2,000 for spouse and each accompanying dependant.

    This is not a program fee; settlement funds are the recommended amount of money for you to have available to support yourself and your family as you arrive and adjust to life in Manitoba.

    Submit copies of bank statements and certificates of deposit demonstrating a clear financial history of sufficient and transferable settlement funds (liquid assets) in your name and/or the name of your spouse or common-law partner, and, if applicable:

    copies of securities and other investments
    proof of ownership of real estate including a current market price evaluation, or other assets (not including personal items such as jewelry, furniture or vehicles) owned by the applicant or spouse, with objective fair market value evaluation

    If there are currency controls in your country of residence, the MPNP may require proof of transferability.

    Adaptability – Settlement Plan

    The Settlement Plan is part of MPNP Online, where all applicants explain why they chose Manitoba as their immigration destination and how they plan to settle in the community, and find a job or, for those currently working in Manitoba, advance their career.

    Settlement Plan Part 2 (SPP2e) is an interactive PDF form that MPNP Online sends to the designated Manitoba Supporter of skilled workers applying to the MPNP on the strength of a social connection to an established resident of the Province of Manitoba. Supporters use their form to explain how they'll help applicants achieve short and long-term settlement goals (ex: assisting applicants in achieving their goal of becoming licensed to work in an occupation that is regulated in Manitoba).
    Log in MPNP Online

    MPNP Online is a secure and simple interactive web tool that guides MPNP applicants through the process of submitting a complete immigration application.

    You simply have to log into your account you created for submitting your Expression of Interest and will now have access to the full MPNP application. MPNP Online is free and easy to use from anywhere in the world. If you're qualified to apply, all you need to get started is an email address to create a Manitoba government account.

    You don't need to complete your application in one sitting; you can log on and off MPNP Online; at the end of each session, the information you entered, and the digital documents you uploaded, are saved – safe and secure.

    If you need assistance while applying, click the “information” icons on the pages of MPNP Online, the Help link that explains each page of the application and, for technical and other assistance, the Contact email links.

    Before you log in, be sure to review all information on our website about documents required to demonstrate you're eligible to apply to the MPNP.

    MPNP Online will instruct you to upload documents as evidence of all statements you make in your application about your personal and family status, your English language ability, and your education and employment experience.

    Document format: You will have to scan paper documents into PDF files and each file must be less than 2 MB. Please also note that:

    Documents should not be scanned using a mobile phone.
    Documents should be scanned in colour.
    Scanner resolution should be a minimum of 300 dpi (dots per inch).
    No enhancement or editing should be done to a scanned document.

    If the file size is over 2MB, try scanning and saving one page at a time rather than reducing resolution or compressing colours.

    After you submit your application, you cannot change the information or documents you uploaded and submitted. However, you can – and must – log back in to MPNP Online to provide new information about changed circumstances, ex: you get married or have a baby, you have a new job; you have a new address. (The MPNP does not accept updates to your information or documents by e-mail or in person; you must use MPNP Online.)

    Next steps
    What happens next?

    This section describes what happens to your application from the time the MPNP receives it to the time we reach a final decision.

    MPNP staff will verify that you filled in your information correctly and included all documents. We will send you acknowledgement of receipt of a complete application or, if your application is not complete we will send you a missing document request or send it back to you as ineligible for assessment.
    Stay in Touch

    You must inform us of changes in family status, contact information, etc. by logging in to MPNP Online. To withdraw your application, send the MPNP a signed request.

    MPNP assessment is based on the submission of credible and verifiable documentation.

    The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program selects skilled workers for their potential to economically establish and settle permanently in Manitoba via two paths: those Currently Working in Manitoba, and Skilled Workers Overseas, who apply on the strength of a connection to Manitoba and who can be assessed sufficient points for age, education and training, work experience, language ability and adaptability.

    Assessment in both paths is based on credible and verifiable documents submitted at the time of application that satisfactorily demonstrate you meet current program criteria for employability and adaptability. (“Current” means as published on the MPNP website on the date your application is received.)

    Adaptability is your genuine intention and ability to economically establish and make an immediate, and ongoing, positive contribution to Manitoba as a permanent resident, as demonstrated by your employability, your Settlement Plan and settlement supports, and a connection to Manitoba that is stronger than ties to another community in Canada.

    Employability is assessed on the basis of:

    past education, training, work experience as well as any applicable certification, licence or registration (regulatory requirements) necessary for your occupation in Manitoba
    job-ready English
    current demand and potential for long-term employment and career growth in your occupation in the evolving Manitoba labour market
    the description of duties, skills, talents and work settings in the Canadian economy described in the National Occupation Classification 2011 (NOC)
    transferable skills to related and other occupations with comparable skill levels

    Note: Regardless of the occupation you intend to pursue in Manitoba, the MPNP determines your assessed occupation as the job for which you have documented education, training and work experience.

    All applicants who are not currently working in Manitoba (that is, Skilled Workers Overseas as well as skilled workers who apply while visiting or living – but not working – in Manitoba) are subject to the MPNP points system.

    To be eligible to apply to the MPNP, Skilled Workers Overseas who demonstrate a connection to Manitoba must score at least 60 points on the five factors of the MPNP Self-assessment Worksheet. If there is a difference between how you assess yourself and a MPNP program officer's assessment, the program officer's assessment will be used. The MPNP reserves the right to assess each eligible application on a case-by-case basis.

    Education and experience

    You must provide proof you have the education and/or training and work experience needed to meet all qualification requirements to perform the job you currently have in Manitoba or, for those not employed here full-time, to get a job in your occupation soon after you arrive in Manitoba.
    While you may pursue a different job in Manitoba, the MPNP will assess your application based on your employability in the occupation for which you have the most employment experience and education & training.

    Because the MPNP is an economic immigration program, assessment also takes into account local labour market demand and outlook for your occupation. For example, if your occupation is teacher and you cannot work until you are certified in Manitoba (where there's currently low labour market demand for teachers), assessment would weigh these factors.

    Note: Receiving approval of the MPNP does not mean that you can immediately start working upon arrival in Manitoba. It is your responsibility to find employment and, if required, complete any assessment of qualifications, education and experience. The MPNP Settlement Plan and, for nominees, the MPNP Workbook, are designed to assist you in this process.

    The MPNP is not a sponsorship program. We select independent skilled workers who bring benefit to the Manitoba economy and intend to settle here as permanent residents. This process requires adaptability.

    Connection to Manitoba is a measure of an applicant's ability and intention to establish in our province as a permanent resident, demonstrated by job experience and a long-term job offer for applicants currently working in Manitoba and, for overseas applicants, social or family ties, past school or work experience, or familiarity gained through an MPNP recruitment mission or MPNP exploratory visit.

    In assessing your application, the MPNP considers whether you have ties to Manitoba that are sufficiently strong, and whether those ties are stronger than any connection you may have to another Canadian province. The MPNP reserves the right to refuse your application if you cannot demonstrate your connection to Manitoba is stronger than your connection to another province.

    Adjusting to life in Manitoba will take time and financial resources. All applicants are generally required to have at least C$10,000, plus C$2,000 in funds for their spouse and each accompanying dependant, to support yourself and your family while you are looking for a job, to ensure your successful settlement in Manitoba as well as to pay your Government of Canada immigration fees and travel expenses to Manitoba.

    Settlement Plan
    You must demonstrate your adaptability and employability by submitting with your application a Settlement Plan that shows:

    why you have chosen Manitoba as your immigration destination
    your plan for settling in a specific destination community
    the type and strength of your connection to Manitoba
    that you are taking steps to ensure your immediate and long-term employability in Manitoba

    Only applicants whose connection to Manitoba is familial or social must have their settlement plan reviewed and endorsed by their Manitoba Supporter (that is, a relative or friend who is established and has been living in Manitoba continuously for at least one year and is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident).

    The supporter you designate must endorse your plan by completing and submitting to the MPNP a form called Settlement Plan Part 2. (When you submit your application, MPNP Online emails your plan confidentially to the supporter address you indicated.

    Language ability
    All applicants must have job-ready English. In general, Canadian Language Benchmark Level 4 (CLB 4) is considered to be the minimum English language ability for employment in Canada. However, many occupations require much greater proficiency in speaking, reading, writing and listening in English.

    All applicants except those currently working in Manitoba in NOC 0, A or B must submit results of an approved language test to demonstrate their English proficiency.

    Other positive criteria, such as family, social or community support and the information in your Settlement Plan, are important to demonstrate your adaptability to Manitoba, but cannot replace the need to demonstrate that you have the language proficiency needed to work in your occupation.
    Procedural Fairness

    Procedural Fairness is a new process that applies to all MPNP applications received on or after April 30, 2015 and that replaces the Request Review process for those cases. The MPNP's Procedural Fairness process provides applicants with an opportunity to respond to any concerns regarding the credibility of an application prior to the MPNP making a final decision.

    If an application is being considered for refusal because of credibility or other concerns, the applicant or their representative will receive a Fairness Letter from the MPNP. This Fairness Letter gives an applicant the opportunity to provide additional information to be considered in the final decision. The applicant has 30 days to submit additional information to address the concerns identified in the Fairness Letter.

    Steps of the Procedural Fairness process:

    Fairness Letter: If the assessing Program Officer determines that the information contained within the application is not sufficient to complete the assessment or has any concerns with the applicant not meeting all program requirements, a Fairness Letter will be sent to the applicant and representative, if applicable. The Fairness Letter outlines all areas of concern with the application and is the ONLY opportunity given to the applicant to address these concerns.
    Applicant response: Applicants have 30 days to respond to the concerns raised in the Fairness Letter. If no response is received, assessment of the application is completed with the information already available to the MPNP.
    Final decision: If a response to the Fairness Letter is received prior to the deadline, the information provided by the applicant will be taken into consideration before making a final decision on whether to refuse or approve the application. If the application is refused, applicants have no further remedy and must submit a new Expression of Interest. It is recommended to do so only when the concerns raised by the MPNP have been addressed.


    After assessment we will inform you of our decision by mail (only) to the contact address you provided.

    Approved applications: If your application is approved, we will mail you a nomination package that includes your Approval Letter, instructions for submitting a Canadian permanent resident visa application and invitation to continue your settlement planning using the MPNP Pre-arrival Workbook.

    Non-approved applications: If your application is refused, we will advise you of the reasons for the decision. If you provided an email address, you will be notified of our decision by email, otherwise a letter will be sent by regular mail.

    Nomination under the MPNP is at the sole discretion of Manitoba. If the MPNP decides not to nominate your application we will mail you a result letter stating the reasons for the decision.

    Applications are not approved in situations including but not limited to the following:

    You have not provided sufficiently detailed, credible documentation for full assessment.
    The information you provided in your application does not match your Expression of Interest (EOI) and/or supporting documents provided do not substantiate claims made in your EOI submission.
    You fail to demonstrate that you have sufficient work experience, education and training, including any licence or certification required, to find employment in your assessed occupation in Manitoba.
    You have insufficient language ability to be employable in Manitoba.
    You fail to demonstrate your ability and intention to establish permanently in Manitoba.
    You fail to demonstrate that you meet the eligibility criteria under which the application is being assessed.
    You fail to demonstrate you have sufficient settlement supports including Settlement Funds and the endorsement of relatives or friends who are established residents of Manitoba with strong ties to you, the applicant, and meet MPNP eligibility criteria for Manitoba Supporters.
    You fail to demonstrate in your Settlement Plan that you are taking sufficient steps to become employable including pursuing any required occupational licence or certification.
    You fail to demonstrate that your Connection to Manitoba, through current employment, social or familial relations, program invitation, or past education or employment in the province, is stronger than ties you have to another part of Canada.
    You were found to have used the services of an undisclosed immigration representative for your application to the MPNP.

    MPNP has sole discretion: If your application was refused you may – in limited circumstances – formally request a review of the MPNP decision.

    If refused, you may reapply to the MPNP after six months from the date on your result letter provided that you have addressed the reasons why your application was not approved. When you reapply you must show that you have sufficient training, experience and/or a stronger connection to Manitoba to warrant your new application.

    To withdraw your application: Send the MPNP a written request signed by you, the applicant. (To withdraw your application after receiving a letter of approval you must notify both the MPNP and the Canadian visa office to which the MPNP sent your certificate of nomination.)
    Request for Review (RFR)

    The Request for Review (RFR) process ONLY applies to applications submitted before April 30, 2015. All newer applications are subject the Procedural Fairness process during assessment. Only MPNP applications that have been formally and fully assessed by the MPNP and resulted in issuance of an MPNP refusal letter are eligible for a request for a RFR.

    If you applied to the MPNP before April 30, 2015 and were not nominated by the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP), you may submit a request for review (RFR) only if you provide sufficient evidence to demonstrate that our assessment of the information and supporting documents you provided with your application was not consistent with MPNP criteria on the date your application was received.

    Documents must be made available to the MPNP at the time of application.
    Applications that fail to provide sufficiently detailed, credible, legible documentation will not be assessed.
    The MPNP will not consider information or documents received after we have assessed your application.

    The MPNP will not consider an RFR on the basis of new information or documents.

    However, such applicants may reapply to the MPNP after six months from the date on your refusal letter and can demonstrate having addressed the reasons why your application did not result in nomination.

    MPNP applications are not approved in situations including but not limited to when applicants have failed to demonstrate:

    sufficient work experience and/or training to find employment their occupation in Manitoba
    sufficient language ability to be employable in Manitoba
    the ability and intention to establish permanently in Manitoba
    sufficient settlement funds
    that they met the eligibility criteria under which their application was assessed
    that the endorsement of their Settlement Plan met MPNP requirements
    that they would take sufficient steps to become employable in Manitoba including pursuing any required occupational licence or certification

    Before you submit an RFR please note the following:

    A request for review can be made only by the applicant or the applicant's authorized, paid representative.
    The MPNP must receive your RFR no later than 60 days after the date of the refusal letter.
    The request must provide sufficient details to indicate that our assessment of the information and supporting documents you provided in your application was not consistent with the MPNP criteria in effect at the time of assessment.

    The MPNP will not consider a RFR when:

    Submission of new information or documents is the basis for the request.
    Strength of relationship to a Manitoba Supporter (that is, the Manitoba resident endorsing your Settlement Plan) or having a weak connection to Manitoba was the main reason for our decision not to nominate.
    Having stronger ties to another Canadian province was the main reason for a decision not to nominate.
    The applicant claims higher English ability, and results of an IELTS or other MPNP-approved language test were submitted with the application.

    To submit an RFR you must follow these steps:

    Download RFR form
    Complete form using Adobe Reader.
    Send MPNP your completed form attached to an email.

    What happens in an MPNP review? After our review, we will mail the applicant or the applicant's paid, authorized representative, a written notice of the result.

    Status of your application: The MPNP does not accept inquiries about the status of your application after you have submitted it. However, you can check your application status by logging in to MPNP Online and selecting that option.

  2. The timeline posted by a 2013 applicant only shows that the MPNP is keeping its promise for a faster processing time this year.... see below...

    Application Received in July 2013
    Assessment Pending on 20 may 2015
    Assessment in Process on 21 may 2015
    Assessment Completed on 29 may 2015

    It just took 9 days from "pending" to "in process" to "completed"!

    What a very inspiring precedent!

    Pray, persevere and hope for the best!
  3. I'm a plumber and I practise in Nigeria, a country in africa.
    I have my trade test certificate and my certificate of apprenticeship.
    I filled the EOI form and I answered "YES" to the "License and Trade/Profession" regulation question.
    I have been sent the LAA since the 13th August 2015 now nd I have all my supporting documents intact but there's a problem about the licensing aspect, in the LAA sent to me, there's a paragraph that emphasises that applicants should refuse/reject the LAA if u don't have a license that is recognised in manitoba.
    I enquired from the MPNP by mailing them and here's the reply I was sent;

    "Thank you for your e-mail. You must be licensed in Manitoba in order to answer yes to that question on the EOI. If you have answered yes
    and do not have the supporting documents, your file may be closed for misrepresentation. Please research your trade in Manitoba on the internet and determine if its an occupation that is governed by a licensing requirement. If it is, there will be an association that has a website and will provide information on licensing requirements.

    This reply is confusing because it didnt state if it wont be possible for me to be licensed if am outside canada or not, so am confused if i should simply reject the letter of advice to apply or go ahead with the documents i have with me. i already searched for websites who can provide infos on licensing requirement and i cant find any. The only ones i found was just fro the assesment of my trade.

    im seriously confused and i really need serious help right now because i dont want a case of misrepresentation which could eventually lead to my file being closed and might end up in bans on future applications. Moreso i just have 37 days or thereabout for the deadline to submit a full application.
    Thank you.
  4. A friend nd distance relative is same.....
  5. Mpnp program eoi can determine both point different family support from Manitoba and job invitation .

  6. Hello

    Please I need your advise, I applied for MPNP and I used my spouse cousin who stays in Winnipeg as the relative. I want to confirm which document I can use to proof her Mum and my Spouse Mum are siblings.

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