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Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by nabil2009, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. hello all,

    i applied federal investor program in jan 2008 from ISB, file transferred in may 2010 to London UK office. But still i am even waiting for document request.
    Please if any one has any idea when london office will contact me for my document request. and how long more it will take ?

  2. Hi
    I am also in uncertain situation, I applied in September 2010 and receive document acknowledgement in December 2010, but after that there is no news from QIIP,
    I joined many forums in Lindedin and try to find some official news, but nothing, we are applied for invest in Canada, but there is no government forum where we can at least got satisfactory or fact for our cases, http://www.immigration-quebec.gouv.qc.ca/en/index.html also never update,
    If anyone has any news about our cases, please share with us,,,, :)
  3. Hi ,did you applied federal investor program ? you applied through which country . let me know . thanks
  4. I applied in Quebec Investor program in September 2010,
  5. Anyone who applied in Quebec Investor previous category (where net-worth required CAD 800000.00), I have been looking for some feedback or updated status those who applied nearby September 2010, :)
  6. Hi, i did applied on 2009 @ singapore. But still waiting.. Any1 have experiance,idea,news, pls, share with. Bye.
  7. Hello Mr Nabil 2009
    As your case moved to London on May 2010 so my friend you have to know that your file has been started on on may 2011, because they have mention "
    The times are based on how long it took to process 80 percent of all cases between January 1, 2010, and December 31, 2010. Processing times are subject to change."
    you have to wait 28 to 36 months more to finalize your case . Just wait for the additional document requirements , interview, Police Clearance and medical exams .
    Best of luck man
  8. Quebec Investor Program is closed, checkout official release

    They have closed and I hope they settle backlog, those who applied in 2011 or before and didn’t receive any call from QIIP, Please share if there is any development
  9. I want apply for the same.
    What is the system?
    What time it takes?
  10. Interesting
  11. I think in this case take of legal adviser, seniors and get regarding some tips on online.
  12. Hello Mr. Nabel 2009 .
    You have made one mistake , you should not to applied through Islamabad. You should must send direct to London Visa office. Well, any way from May 2010 it takes almost 18 to 24 months to Require Additional documents they will contact you now in a couple of months about additional documents. and then it will take more 18 months to finalize don't worry . My friend applied in April 2008 and got his acknowledgment letter or file number in Aug 2008 and then he got a letter about the additional documents in December 2010, got interview notification in Jun 2011, and got a letter about requiring Police clearance Certificate in Jan 2012 and Medical requirements for all family members in March 2012 and now waiting for the Passports to Grant the Permanent Visas on their passport. This is what I know all about federal investor class.

    I have applied through Quebec investor category in May 2011 , it's pending still.
  13. I did apply for investor category to Quebec and my file has been processed in Amman since June 7th 2010
    with no answer or any clue on when this process is over
    my interview was in Montreal on 14th of Feb 2010
    my file was transferred to Amman on 2 Feb 2012
    and till now no answer in spite the serious trouble we live in Syria ....
    anybody tell me what should i do ??
  14. hi sarabi
    i have applied in Sept'10 and have received my interview call for Feb'13. I too have some questions regarding interview postponement.
    Would like to discuss with u in details.
  15. @deepdive : If u will postpond your interview than donot expect them to give you next interview date before 10 to 12 months as it has happened with me,due to passport renewal process i couldnt attend my interview back in 2011 so they gave next interview date exactly 12 months later !


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