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Investor immigration to Quebec (applied 2016) waiting for interview

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by ash1969, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. Updated time for processing post csq remains at 43 months
  2. Hi everyone.
    QIIP applicant. AOR for federal processing is July 2014.
    Received medical October 2016 and no news till today. Its been over a year and no PPR.
    There last response was that the file is currently under background investigation.
    anyone in the same situation or timeline?
    Good luck to everyone.
  3. BCBC. My advice is for you to be patient. I am on the same programe. QIIP .My medical was in April 2016. Expired in 2017. Another medical in July 2017 and renewal of CSQ in August 2017. I have learnt to be patient. I want to believe that very soon you will have a positive reply. Where is your VISA office.?
  4. Thank you for your reply Groupof5.
    I hope to hear something. And same for you. It sounds like you are on your final stretch.
    It’s been 42 months since my federal processing started and there seems to be no end in sight.
    My VO is Abu Dhabi.
    When did you federal processing started?
  5. Hahaha, updated post CSQ processing Average time is 43months. Note that this is an average processing time. My federal processing time started in April 2015. About 33 months now . How extensive is your travel history.? Is your CSQ and medical not expired?. You might still have to renew your CSQ and do another medical at the point PPR which might be before the end of the month. Again, patient is the answer. Bon courage.
  6. Hi
    I strongly suggest you guys apply for the GCMS Notes. It will give a for idea as to where your file is stuck
    I hope it helps .

  7. Updated time for processing post csq (as on 07/01/2018) remains at 43 months
  8. BCBC newbie,

    Thank God. I got PPR without applying for GCMs note. Post CSQ time for QIIP is about 40 to 48 months. The best medicine for the process is patience. Note. 2 medical, 2 CSQ because they all expired and have to be renewed. Again, my travel history was intense and extensive. More time on my background security check. Just as I said before, be patient and you will soon put it behind. Continue whatever you are doing now and in no time you will put behind you. Bon courage .

  9. Groupof5

    Congrats!! Talking about ur intense travel history, did you submit copies of all pages of your international passport(including visa pages of all the countries you've been to)?
  10. Accept my heartiest congratulations. Stay blessed and connected with brethren like us , who have still a long way to go
    I think we all need encouragement and Lady Luck to shine on us
  11. Kaysolo,

    After CSQ stage, as a QIIP , you submit your federal application to CIC either through your attorney or by your self. There is a form requiring you to give your travel history, places you have lived since you were 10 years old. You only need to extract that from your old passport . Usually your passport are stamped at the airport as seen on departure / seen on arrival with date. In my case, I have several passport booklet as a result of my intense trips over the years and to many countries. I was naive to fill all the places. I think it is wise to limit it to trip that last 2 to 3months. At a time my file was taken to Moscow, Paris for 6 months for background security check. Just as I said earlier, patience is the medicine for immigration process. Due diligence will have to be followed. I started the process with Quebec in 2012. Yours will not delay as long as my own. Your processing time will be faster than my own. That is my prayer for you. Bon courage.
  12. Merci bien ash1969.
    Your interview is in February. I am praying for you. You will have a speedy process than me. Bon courage.
  13. Thank you so much . It means a lot to me .
    Stay blessed
  14. Waooohhhh!!! I have lots of travel history too

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