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Investor immigration to Quebec (applied 2016) waiting for interview

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by ash1969, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. hi, my interview is in FEB 2018
  2. i wish you all the luck for successful immigration
  3. Updated time for processing post csq remains at 43 months
  4. Hmmm 43 months!!! Is like 43 years. Have a nice day
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  5. Congratulation ! Good luck to you in interview.
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  6. Hi Groupof5,

    Oh it took so long for you to get CSQ (2012-2015), Hope that your CIC process will be short than.
  7. Hello Ash1969
    Plz share with us yr interview call as What documents they have asked to bring along. It will help all of members. Also yr agent has to prepare u for interview. Best of luck.
  8. Hi Naz
    They have asked to bring along all originals . Further they have asked for updation of narrative and the main form , of any change is their. Iam waiting for my agent to update me about what all other than above is required . I will keep posting here . Just keeping my fingers crossed in the meanwhile . Feb is considered to be very cold in Montreal though
  9. Update narrative means they would like to know yr current financial situation I think.

    Yes it’s freezing in feb in Montreal, I have been there last feb. u got to be very careful. Keep yrself warm all the times, u would need really good jacket, Gloves, cap, scarf and most important waterproof shoes with wool inside. Then u should be fine. If u need more info let me know.
    By the way where r u from and which country U have applied from.
    U must have experienced cold weather but Canada is really cold and weather gets worse in minutes, so must be prepared all the times.
  10. The interview is to validate your documents earlier submitted. It is to ascertain your financial . It is likely they will ask you why you want to migrate to Canada and why Quebec in particular. What assurance that after landing in Quebec you will not go to another province. Do you speak French? . bon courage
  11. Hi Naz,
    Thanks for the information and i really appreciate your kind concern
    Yes you are correct , weather in Eastern canada as is in eastern USA is quite unpredictable . There are lot of variations,
    I have seen extreme cold in my many travels to europe, but my family has never been /seen snowfall (though they are widely traveled) as usually our trips take place in the summer months (when kids have their summer breaks)
    I am from India , where weather is not very cold but gets extremely hot during the summer months
    I have applied from India but my lawyer is a Canadian firm
    Keeping my fingers crossed for the future...All the best to You as well

  12. YUP you are correct. They need to understand WHY QUEBEC ?
    MY concern (though quite little) is that my sister is settled in Toronto ,that could go against me ,but iam ready for it .
    I have faith in god and hoping all goes well
  13. Hi Doantrang,
    So what have you decided ? Are you going for the financed scheme (CAD 220k) ??
    pls update .Thnx

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