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Interview Request for PR?

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by vivek261088, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. You won't received any passport request. For inland applicants you either receive an interview letter or a passport request. You will receive your COPR in the interview. Make sure to bring your RPRF payment receipt (since you did not mention it above not sure if you missed it).
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  2. Hi,

    I received the same email asking me to attend an interview that will be held on June 8, 2019 at the CIC Etobicoke, would you please tell me what the interview will be like and what kind of questions will be asked during the interview? I would be really appreciated if you can give me some help.

  3. Hi. Mine will be on June 4th. I will let you know when the day comes. I heard they just ask you if you commit any crime and things like that.
  4. That would be really nice of you. Thank you so much and wish you all the best!
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  5. Thank you!!;)
  6. Today, I had my landing interview scheduled at 2pm at Etobicoke office. When I arrived I went to the wrong entrance, went to Service Canada instead (LOL); they are one besides the other. Make sure you are in the right office, it has a big desk in the front, two officers sitting behind and I big IRCC sign on the wall. I arrived 30 minutes earlier and went straight to the front desk. One of the security officers gave me a number DXXX to wait and highligthed my name on his list. I went straight to the waiting area. There were 26 people ahead of my number. 5 out of 9 booth were working at that time. I was called at 2:40pm. The questions asked in the interview were basically if I ever been arrested or commited any crime in canada, if I have any dependant overseas, if I ever been deported, my marital status, current address and the last time I entered to Canada. Gave my pictures and signed my COPR. After I that I went straight to Service Canada (next door) to get my new SIN and also went to Ontario Service to update my status and new address since I recently moved.

    Hope this helps. Good luck on your interview!!
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  7. Congrats! And thank you so much for sharing your experience
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  8. I got email for landing interview!!!!
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  9. Congrats, i took the interview last Saturday and it only took me around 3 minutes. Nothing to worry about
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  10. Was it busy on Saturday?? I had to wait like 1 hr for my turn on a weekday. Hahah, I like to complain. :p:p
  11. i am actually having mixed feelings.. this is not ppr right? after they ask question what happens. we have to submit our passports?

    Absolutely no clue and bit tensed!

  12. After they ask you questions, they give you COPR or we have to send Passport to Ottawa?
  13. No PPR for you. At the interview, you will receive your COPR and no need to do landing or send your passports to Ottawa. With your COPR you can update your SIN, health card, provincial ID or driver license. You can only travel with your PR card on hand that you will receive in 30 days or so

  14. Who so we skipped the Passport request stage.. this is like alternative for it? But why landing interview? is it common for CEC inland candidates?

    I apologize i m asking crazy and silly q but I would like to know more :p
  15. Yes, you could say it is the alternative for PPR. And yes, CEC usually gets landing interview, but can also get PPR instead.

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