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Intention to live outside Quebec

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by arkesh, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Hi ,

    I am applying for PR through CEC in express entry. I have completed my post graduation (two years) in Ontario and obtained open work permit (PWP). I got a job in Montreal and I have been working here since Jan-2017. I gained the one year work experience and now I got the invitation through CEC.

    Should I need to provide the intention to reside outside Quebec letter along with my application?. Anybody with similar condition as mine?. I have been applying for jobs in Ontario with no success.

    I am looking for your suggestions.

    Thank you,
  2. You don't have to provide anything at this point (although you can if you want to). You will receive a request to write a letter of intent during the processing of your application.
  3. Thank you for your answer. Can I still work in Quebec while the application in-progress?. Heard that one should leave Quebec once the intend to live letter has been requested.
  4. The bolded part is an opinion so I will not get into that.

    You are free to keep on working, at the end of the day it all comes down to how strong your argument is and what actions you plan to take (if any) to prove your intention.
  5. Hi Arkesh,

    Please take this matter very seriously and provide as many as proof you can provide. My VO issued me and PFN for this and game me only 7 days to provide me some solid proof for my intent.

    Believe me I have provided and affidavit, letter from my company and all other stuffs along with my application but I still received PFN. So be careful .


  6. Thank you for your information Rahul. Since I studied in Ontario and I still hold PGWP till Nov-2019, I believe that I can defend my situation. In the worst case, I will resign my current Job in Quebec and move to Ontario or India. Do you think that will help?

  7. Hi Arkesh,

    You can provide all what you have and that will certainly help you. I am saying prepare for worst. A future lease agreement for ontario should also work. Communication with a realtor about house search in Ontario should also work. An Affidavit taking auth that you will move will also work.

    Problem is lots of people are not moving after commiting, that's why they are so strict on this.


  8. Hi Rahul,

    I am also working in Quebec but applying under CEC. I know that I need to leave Quebec but is it after getting CoPR or immediately after the application is approved before sending passport to Ottawa? Thanks
  9. Dear Friend ,

    I need help what to reply for Question for Express entry for CIC regrading "Intent to Stay outside Quebec" . I was in Canada from 2011 to 2015 in Montreal Quebec. After that I moved internally in same company for new assignment in Chicago , USA on Nov 2015. I am here for almost 2.5 years and applied for PR from Ontario .

    I don't have any specific proof to show my intent except general letter of explanation . I have no intention to go to Quebece back as it was difficult fot me to settle their due to language barrier hence in first place i moved to USA.

    Please help what should be best for me to reply to CIC .?
  10. Please see the below links



  11. I have an unusual case and I need help!
    An opportunity has come up where I can work for a company based in Gatineau, Quebec, but live in Ottawa under an IEC visa (for international internship).

    If I apply for the IEC visa now, I'll probably have it by November (processing time is 2 to 3 months).

    I'll also complete 3 years work experience at my current job in the UAE and have a CRS score of 456 by November and be eligible for PR via Express Entry as FSW.

    My question is, would it be too risky to go and apply for the IEC visa at this time? I'm worried I'd be opening myself up to questions about intent to remain in Quebec when applying for Express Entry despite living on the Ottawa side of the ontario/quebc border.

    Any thoughts on this?
  12. NEVER EVER EVER DO IT. Complete your 3 years in UAE. Apply express entry and come to Canada as a PR.

    Don't even think of applying Quebec CSQ, because ideally if you are in Quebec, EE is not the approach and you have go thru Quebec immigration process. You will have grown roots by the time you get a PR ( that is if you are lucky to get a CSQ from the red taped Quebec immigration dept. within 2-3 years and Federal 16 months after you get CSQ, total maybe 4 years wait time in a happy path) . Comb thru the forums and my various posts. So CSQ Quebec is a big no no. Quebec does their own evaluation of what they think your education is worth. A masters graduate recently got 0 points for his education as per Quebec's immigration dept evaluation and they rejected the application.

    Now If you apply Express Entry while living in Gatineau, Quebec, its a hit or miss. 50% will be your chances. Your intention has to be convincing enough for the visa officer. Many have got it thru though. But why risk your chances when Federal Outland applications are processed faster than inland applicants.

    My advice will be this: , Finish your 3 years and apply EE as outland applicant from UAE. You will have PR max within 6 months unless your case is complicated or goes for security screening (rare)
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  13. Thanks, I think I'll follow your advice.

  14. Hello Arkesh,
    I am in a similar situation as you mentioned above. Did you received your PR then or was there any questions to it.
  15. If you are still living & working in Quebec. Officer will ask you to prove your intent with evidence, to live outside Quebec. I got 7 days to to show this intent.

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