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Feedback on letter of intent to live outside of Quebec

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by June02, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. July 2, 2015,

    To: citizenship and immigration Canada
    Subject: Letter of intent to reside outside the province of Quebec
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Received your letter dated June 29th 2015 citing the “Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations” act. Through this letter, I would request your good self to please consider my request to reside in other Canadian province apart from the province of Quebec.
    Just to brief you, I moved to Canada in September 2012 with my Mississauga Toronto base company XXXX This was an Intra company transfer and not a permanent job.
    I worked at Montreal for XXX client namely XXXX. Upon completion of my Canadian assignment, I returned to my home country India. I am currently working for the same organization.
    I am married and have a seven year old daughter, who is currently pursuing her education in English medium school in my hometown in India. Earlier, she was studying at Parkdale Elementary School, Montreal with English as the medium of instruction.
    Moreover, as she is just 7, she might face difficulties coping with French language as the medium of education. Therefore, I want to continue her education with the same medium of Instruction – English, which is possible only outside the province of Quebec.
    For your kind reference, I am also enclosing the academic certificates of her schooling at Parkdale Elementary School, Montreal and current schooling in India.
    In addition to this, I would also like to mention that, I have around seven years of experience in Automotive sector and I am really eager to get the job in Toronto or Oshawa. While I am writing to you, I am also communicating with various companies and placement agencies to get the job outside of Quebec.
    From my prior work experience, I do believe, I have a very good opportunity in automotive field.
    Attaching for your reference, my mail communications with them citing the same reason.
    At present, XXXX Technical Services Ltd. has submitted my application for General Motors Canadian Regional Engineering Center. Please refer attached the supporting document – a letter from XXXX (Account Manager) of this company.
    However, as you know, it is really very tough to search for a job in Canada from India without a Permanent Residency status.
    Based on my prior experience in Canada, to monetarily support me and my family, I have opened a new Bank account in Oshawa before I can take up a job. Attaching email confirmation and screen short of the account.
    In continuation of the reference latter from my friends, would request your good self to consider the goodwill cited and accept my letter to live the province of Ontario and not in Quebec.
    Currently, as I do not have a PR, I cannot lease out a house in Canada and also I am not sure about where I will live, although I intend to live somewhere in Ontario and not Quebec for the reasons mentioned above.
    This is my humble request to you to please consider my request. Should you require any additional information, apart from the attached supporting evidence, please feel free to contact me. Thank you in advance for considering my request.
    Yours sincerely,


    Attached supporting document:
    1. Letter XXXXX Account Manager Bakker Technical Services Ltd
    2. Friend Reference letter XXXX
    3. Friend Reference letter XXXX
    4. XXXX school certificate India and Canada
    5. TD Canada Trust account confirmation.
    6. Travel document of my family from Canada to India in October 2014
    7. Recent letter, Pay slip and Intra Company transfer letter from XXXXX.
    8. Mail Communication - XX (Cynet Systmes Inc)
    9. Mail Communication - XX (Technical Recruiter Ian Martin Engineering)
    10. Mail Communication - CXX Merkas( Bakkar Techical Service)
    11. Mail Communication - XXX (Account Manager Ian Martin Engineering)
    12. Mail Communication - XXX( Director Human Resources StackTeck)
  2. This sounds pretty convincing to me, it should be okay I think.
  3. Hi,

    I have only one comment:

    You mentioned that your daughter was studying in Parkdale Elementary school in Montreal with Medium of Instructions as English.
    In the very next line you mentioned that it is only possible to have Education in English as a medium of instruction outside Quebec.
    These two statements look contradictory to me.
    Rest all is okay.

  4. I would make it simpler, my suggestions below. You mention references from friends; do they live in the area you say you plan to move to? If so mention that in the letter as further incentive for you choosing that area.

    Please feel free to ignore my suggestions too - it is after all, your letter :).

  5. well done

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