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August 2012 PR Applications

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Berm88, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. I became a Canadian permanent resident on 09-Oct-2013 and have not yet received the PR card. However my Canadian Visa and Work Permit (prior to becoming a permanent resident) are still valid till May 2015. Due to family emergency, I travelled to India on 15-Nov-2013 and am still in India. Now I need to return to Canada urgently in a day or two. Can I travel with my Visa and Work Permit which is still valid or I still need a travel document?

    Please respond as soon as possible.

    thanking you in anticipation,
  2. Your workpermits are no more valid after you become permanent resident
  3. Hi HoneySingh,
    In that case I need to apply for Travel Document for Canadian PR which may take a few weeks (not sure of exact processing time). Any other alternative to travel promptly as it is urgent? Isn't it strange that CIC is not documenting the details of this type of common scenarios?
  4. if you have usa visa, book the flight for usa and then come to canada via road. your CPR will be enough to get you into Canada.
  5. Congrats.. Whts ur timeline?
  6. Hi - Sorry to bother you at this time but your answer will help lot of poeple like me int his forum. Firstly, Congrats in getting PR.
    I remember that you got a letter from CIC to show the proof that you will intended to live outside quebec. What did you do for that? Not only me, I have bunch of friends in the same situation and worrying :)
  7. Not a recommended approach if you do not intend to reside outside the province of Quebec. Note that they are NOT much interested in intention to reside outside Quebec but more on actual proof that convinces them. Here's the following I did,

    1) I had 3 job offers from companies outside Quebec
    2) Apt rented outside Quebec and lease document
    3) Bank account outside Quebec showing address proof
    4) Had never applied to QSW (Be careful, they actually verify if you at all applied for CSQ etc. related to Quebec)
    5) A couple of French certificate courses I attended to show my sincere effort in learning French but inability to succeed in that endeavour
    6) Reference letter from a Canadian citizen (guarantor) stating my intention to reside outside Quebec
    7) Bank balance to buy a Home outside Quebec
    8) Active association and participation with Organisations and community outside Quebec
    9) Do NOT do landing in Quebec

    Again things may vary from case to case and from one VO to another.

    Hope this benefits you all.
  8. Hi Mkapadia,

    This is a really very useful information. Thank you vey much in sharing these details.
    I wil share this to other colleagues. I would like to share my details, please tell me if that would suffice to prove tha I ;ive outside the Quebec.

    1. I intially landed in Toronto in 2008 and worked till 2010 march. After march back to india
    2. In october 2011 landed in montreal and from there in montreal.....
    3. I never applied CSQ, I'm on ICT.
    4. Also my qork permit do not have any location in that. It says Any with a note stating can work anywhere in canada.
    5. My employer is Toronto base company.
    6. In my reference letter, my employer mentioned that he hired me for Toronto office.
    7. Last but not least, I can get a letter from my employer stating that - I'm currently a client location and my projec is ending by end of 2014. After completion of the project, I will be trachfered to ontario.

    Much appreciated ur help in this regards/

  9. I think your Canadian based company's letter is more than sufficient to prove your intention. Make sure you send this letter soonest possible (in email as attachment after scanning to CIC) if not sent already.
  10. Thanks for the quick reply mkapadia .........ur answer gave lots of hope :)
    Thanks once again and wish you good luck for ur return to Canada.
  11. Hi everyone.
    From long waiting since August 27th 2012 and finally I got of conformation of PR.
    Landed on 16th. November 2013
    The only one thing get wrong:eek:fficer was emailing me in the end of August,about this conformation of PR, but I got an email in the end of October what they send email in wrong address with they apologize.
    Yes since July 2013 after medical were done I was waiting all this time.
    The only good thing I was writing them Email and ask hos the application goes so far some where in the end of September.
    Looks it takes times to review it and letting me know what was wrong.
    I'm from visa except country my spouse not, we have to wait 10 day to get her passport get back.
    The landing was very nice, officer wasn't asking many question.
    Only the document you need with you is your Passport and PR Conformation.
    Good luck everyone....
    Big thanks for this forum Developer.
    :D :D :D :D
  12. My MP phoned CIC today, all passed except Criminality still in process; an hour later my lawyer got GCMS notes. I went through 57 pages, ALL looks good, Criminality started October 15 when Meds were received... Any idea how long to process? File completon date set for NOV 25 ;D ;D ;D

    Fingers and toes crossed for Landing before Christmas!
  13. Where did you see the file completion date?
  14. Mine was on page 2, under "Application Assignment" it says "Due Date" - I am assuming this is the VO the file has been assigned to (since my notes were written by the same VO that application was assigned to, and I assume the date they want to have the entire application completed by.... Somebody please enlighten me if I am mistaken ;)
  15. On the second page of my GCMS I see the following

    Assigned to: DA01664
    Assigned by: JP5777
    Due date: 2013/12/01

    According to few folks in the forum, this is the due date for the VO DA01664 to finalize my application, if everything is in order.

    What is the due date in your GCMS? What is the status of criminality?

    My GCMS says eligibility and criminality are both passed. Security is hidden, but based on activity section I feel it is set as passed. Only Medical is in progress. Meds done on Nov 6th. Doctor uploaded on Nov 8th. No ecas update yet.


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