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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Ngomel, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. Hi, im also planning to sponsor my spouse via inland. my question is that do we apply for OWP as well at the same time and how much time it takes for the OWP?
  2. Yeah it is better to send application for OWP along with sponsorship application. Luckily, I got mine approved in 2 months. Usually OWP can take around 3-4 months from the day they receive your application.
  3. Interview was going great. But make sure u get there 30 mins earlier. They asked very basic questions then sign then congratulations. ;)
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  4. Hi aaaaaaaaaaaalllllll I really neeeed
    Help ...... would you plz someone answer me .......
    I send my documents on 25 January ...
    I get my AOR and my work permit ...
    But nothing happened for my PR !
    That’s just on background check ....
    I received nothing yet like email or other things .... is it going right ? Or ?
  5. Hi, first of all stop panicking.. as seen on the forum most of the applications are getting processed quickly which is good but some applications may still take time as every application is different. So just don’t worry, you will soon hear something from CIC. Sit back and do not stress out too much..!! Hope for the best :)
  6. lol thanks
  7. Hi, Can you please confirm when did you receive your AOR after you applied and when did you get your open work permit?
    I applied in May last week and received the file number but want to know how long will it take for work permit.

  8. Hi,
    For fingerprint requests in inland application where do we have to go for fingerprint submissions?
  9. Congratulations!
    CIC website has a list of where to go for fingerprint. At my city, it's an office at the airport.
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    You can go to any fingerprinting station nearby. I'm in Toronto downtown and I used Red Seal Notary. They are more expensive than others but their work is efficient and thorough. Highly recommend them.
  11. Hey there
    Work permit takes 3-4 month to issue if
    You have done all the stuff right , if they return it again takes
    Time 4 more month since you resend it
  12. Hi Everyone,

    Did any of you submit original documents as required by Country-Specific Requirements? For India they had mentioned if my Birth was registered late then I had to provide some original documents to support the DOB, so I sent my original 10th marks Card but I don't know how to get it back now, I totally forgot to ask the officer during my PR interview. Can anyone please help me with this and also a number to call CIC. I called their call center it asks me to select some option so that they can direct me to the right place but those options aren't relevant to what I need.

    Received landing interview date 2 days after seeing DM on ECAS! So happy that the wait is nearly over!
    CIC has been doing a fantastic job with improving processing times.

    Good luck to everyone!
  14. Congratulations!
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  15. Hey guys, they started reviewing my eligibility again yesterday and Today i got a letter of Procedural fairness stating that the officer is not satisfied me and my common law partner have lived together for a year. I submitted the additional documents they requested but they’re still not satisfied. Has this happened to anyone else?

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