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Inland Spousal Sponsorship - December 2018

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by haroonahmedalvi, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. App received: Dec 19th
    AOR: Waiting , unable to link app have tried multiple times!
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  2. Did you try linking by:
    Commonlaw family sponsor -> last name / passport/ location?
    "Smith " make sure to put a space after your last name and capitalize the first letter. Also if you are the only applicant, answer "2". You must include the sponsor
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  3. Update:
    App received: Dec 17th
    AOR: February 16th
    MR: February 18th
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    App Mailed: DEC 17
    App Received: Dec 19 (Spouse Category)
    AOR: Not yet received (Can't link my app online as well)

    An Important Question please:
    I am on TRV, and 6 months entry will be expired on FEB 28 (this month). I have submitted OWP along with my PR application which was received on Dec 19, 2018.

    **What will happen after FEB 28th when my Visitor Status will be expired? Will I be considered under ***"Implied Status"*** since I have submitted OWP with my PR or I will be out of status because I haven't yet received AOR?

    ***Basically, I am confused about implied status, that it starts from the date of application is delivered to CIC or from the date when we receive AOR from CIC?

    I will appreciate quick and prompt response from my fellow applicants and their sponsors. Thanks !
  5. App received Dec 18
    Common law category
    no AOR yet + unable to link
    Hope I get news from CIC tomorrow
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  6. Good Luck, Mine was received one day after yours (Dec 19). Please update your status once you receive AOR. Thanks !
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    Application sent Dec 10
    App received Dec 12
    AOR Feb 16
    Unable to link PR
    OWP received Dec 17
    Linked Jan 16
    MR........ waiting
  8. Hello, to my understanding you will have implied status when your current visitor status expires since you sent a work permit application with your pr.
    You will have implied status regardless of if you received AOR or not, a pending work permit application gives you implied status, a PR application doesn’t.
  9. Same case is mine...hard for me to wait
  10. The OWP app gives you implied status. If your app is returned for any reason, you will be out of status. You should extend your stay as a visitor to ensure you have no loss of status as a precaution.
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  11. Yes and if he applies to extend his visitor status he will be implied under that application's timeline
  12. Thanks, i will give it a shot and will update!!
  13. Hi guys!

    I finally could link the OWP!
    I informed name and date of birth, the name I wrote like above and with a space in the end.
    Last Name
    First Name

    Is showing me as an online application and currently status "pending registration". Is that normal?
  14. Hello Guys. Our timeline here

    Appl. Sent - Dec 17th
    Appl. Received - Dec 19th
    AOR (e-mail) - Feb 19th
    PR Appl. Linked - Feb 19th
    PR Appl. - Not able to link
    MR - Not received

    We linked the application with First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth.

    We were able to link the application WITHOUT the extra space after my spouse's name/passport number.

    Number of applicants = 2

    I hope it helps
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  15. Hello Folks!!

    Update Guys!

    Appl. Sent - Dec 7th
    Appl. Received - Dec 11th
    AOR - Feb 9th
    MR - February 19th

    :) super happy right now!
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