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Indian passport renewal from toronto

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by samir3132, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. Hi Samir,

    For PP renewal you have to fill in the form online and then submit the form long with other documents to the BLS centre. Their processing time is 6-8 weeks. In case you need it urgently then you can go to the Indian consulate and apply under tatkal application. I had done it in tatkal and got mine done in 1 hour. They just need a good reason of why want it urgently. However, it costs much more (~$ 300).

    Good luck
  2. Samir's post is from 2013. I;m sure he got his passport by now :p
  3. Hi,

    I have applied for Passport renewal on 07th Jan'17 at Brampton. It is almost 1 month now and the status is still showing as "Processing at Consulate General".
    My old passport was issued from India. Could you please let me know normally how long it will take to get the renewed passport?
  4. Applied on 17th Jan, 2017 and still it says "Processing at Consulate General".

    Nobody has applied and received it recently, I guess.
  5. Hi! Is anyone able to tell me if BLS will accept letter paper size or does it have to be A4 paper size?
    Thank you
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  6. What are the acceptable reasons at the Consulate for availing Tatkal service?

    Also, what is the validity of the passport issued under Tatkal?
  7. I had a Indian Passport issued in Chennai in 2009. I applied for renewal in Toronto BLS on the 24th February 2017. My old passport even had ECR Stamp (Emigration Check Required). I didn't realize anything that I had that stamp and I had issues collecting different documents for taking that stamp out in my new passport.
    Anyway I managed to submit my application only with Photos, Application Form, Canadian Driving License, Canadian Work Permit. I got my passport renewed on 16th March and I received it through by post on the 17th March. It took me 15 business days for the whole process and I got it renewed for 10 more years. Peace
  8. You can apply under emergency service at Consulate giving PR immigration reason.
  9. Hi All, I have a question , i am currently a permanent resident in canada...i have my indian passport expiring on May'2019 , while applying for renewal of passport from bls, i need to get my permanent address changed in the new passport , how can i do that and what is the procedure?
  10. Anyone recently applied for a passport renewal for a minor. Wanted to check if the child needs to go to bls for application submission
  11. Hi all,

    I want to renew my Wife's indian passport and we recently moved here as a PR. I checked document checklist but My wife do not have Driving Licence or any utility bill on her name. But we have rent agreement and Post-paid Mobile bill with current address.

    What Document do i need to submit as address proof in canada?
    Do I need to give any proof of address for India?
    Is my canadian address will be printed on indian Passport?

    Please comment.
  12. Hi I just want to know can i renew the Indian passport from toronto without any status. I mean I applied for my tourist visa and now I'm waiting for my result. So before result can I renew my Indian passport canadian driving licence.
  13. No, you need to submit your valid status document along with your passport for renewal.
  14. Hello, Can you share what reasons you gave for the tatkal service? I am going to apply for my PR for the second time and my work permit is expiring Feb 2020 and my passport June 2020. Am I eligible for applying under Tatkal? Please advice.
  15. Same situation as yours. I told that I am issuing a WP for 1 year and if my passport expires earlier then the expiry date for WP will be same as expiration date of passport which means that you'll have to again apply for a renewal mid way.

    This should be enough. If he/she doesn't agrees then mention that your health card also is valid until expiration of the WP and since it takes time for WP to arrive you can be without a health card for some time which is not good given how expensive this country is for medical expenses.

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