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Indian passport renewal from toronto

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by samir3132, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. Hello Forum,

    Is my work permit or permanent residency based on my passport date? Suppose my passport expires on 2018 (it was for 10 years) and I get permanent residency this year so would I be getting my PR only till 2018 ?
  2. No your PR card expiry is 5 years it doesnot matter when ur passport expires
  3. hello guys,

    I have applied to renew indian passport today at Brampton location. Anybody here applied for indian passport renewal recently?
  4. Hello
    Have your issue got solved?
    I am facing the same situation right now.My PR card and passport bear my surname before marriage..but i got married recently and my passport is expiring in another month..i am confused whether to add my husband's surname on passport will cause any trouble while travelling to US or India in future.
    Can anybody guide regarding this.?
  5. Did you legally(Affidavit?) changed your surname to your husband's surname or its just due to marriage?

    You should be good if have the marriage certificate. Not everyone change their surname after marriage. If you see in the passport there's field called 'Spouse Name' I'm guessing that's blank too in your passport?
  6. Has any one submitted passport renewal @ toronto? its taking ages to get it renewed...its almost a month and i still havent heard from them.. i hope i hear from them pretty soon. if anyone else in the same boat then please share your experience and what can be done to expedite it.
  7. I renewed it last summer, and mine took around 6 weeks. No hassles, I provided all the documents mentioned. I even had to add my wife's name to the passport since my marital status had changed. I provided the notarized affidavit etc. and it was pretty smooth i must say.
  8. Hi how long did it take to get your passport renewed?
  9. I applied for tatkal and got the passport at the embassy half hour after they took my application.
  10. I didn't know they have the urgency service in Canada. I don't see any mention of it on the BLS intern. website. Do you have a link to it ? Thanks
  11. http://www.cgitoronto.ca/content/passport-general-information
  12. Thanks! Wish I had done some research before applying.
  13. Hi,

    I just read on the forum that you applied for a tatkal passport at Toronto.

    Can you please le me know how you did that. what documents do they need.

    I have applied for re-issue at BLS on Jan 3 but today I got a mail form IRCC that I need to provide the re-issued passport to them in 1 week for my PR application. Do you if I can convert it to tatkal application now and if they consider this as an emergency case

  14. You can renew your passport in 3 days with urgent request from Indian Embassy in Toronto. The fee is approximately $300. then you can go and pick up your passport from embassy itself..

    the fastest way , I have done it for myself.
  15. Hi all,

    I am looking to get my passport renewed. It expires next Feb, but because of paperwork I will get it extended in the next couple of months.

    I got married last year in Mississauga.

    So the documents I will need are:
    - application form
    - 4 photographs, 1 pasted on the application form
    - Photocopies and original passport
    - work permit (photocopies and original)
    - birth certificate (original and photocopies)
    - 2 proofs of address, drivers license and bank statement (Does this mean the new address on the passport will be my Canadian address and not my indian address?)
    - Marriage certificate

    So my question about the marriage certificate. It has to get attested, how do i go about getting it attested by the Deputy Attorney General/Deputy Provisional Secretary? And i also need a joint notarized affidavit from a lawyer with our picture, can i go to any lawyer for this? Does the picture need to include the lawyer too? How much do you think all this work will cost for the marriage certificate and affidavit. Also do i need both or just one?

    Any help is appreciated.
    Thank you.
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