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Indian Passport Renewal from BLS Toronto

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by amusingfirefly, May 9, 2018.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm a PR from India residing in Toronto. My passport (originally issued in Delhi) is due to expire end of this year, so I have started my passport renewal process.

    I'm going to be updating how the process goes here and how long it takes, along with any relevant details that might be helpful for someone else in the future.

    If someone has already gone through this in the past, can you please shed light on how long the processing takes? Some other threads here said that if I had done a PCC from BLS before, it takes shorter time to renew the passport. Is that true? In my case I have done PCC back in 2016.

    Current Details:

    Old Passport Pages : 36
    Old Passport Issue location: Delhi
    Expiry : End of Dec 2018
    Tracking Page Used: https://www.blsindia-canada.com/trackapp.php

    2018-05-05 : Submitted Passport Renewal Application to BLS India in Toronto at the Lawrence Ave location.
    2018-05-09 : Status changed from 'Application Received, in transit to Consulate General' to 'Processing at Consulate General'.
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  2. 2018-05-14 : Status still at 'Processing at Consulate General'.
  3. In Vancouver, it took only a week for the renewal.
  4. Thanks for sharing that, keypad. If it takes a week for me, I'd be overjoyed.
    Was your passport one that was issued in India? Were you a PR at that point?
  5. Yes, my passport was issued in India and I am a PR.
  6. Thanks for starting this thread. My passport expires in April 2019 and I wanted to get started with the process.

    Could you let me know how you started the process of renewing your passport and where I can access the form and information on documents required?


  7. Did you receive your renewed passport yet? I will submitting my application soon and curious to know the process times. Also, do we need to submit our original PR card and COPR with the application? If yes, will they be returned with the renewed passport? Please reply. Thanks.
  8. Hey all ,its a bit confusing on BLS website (as always). My minor son's passport will expire in September 2018. I should be choosing 're-issue passport' correct?
    Do they need originals of all documents? Passports, PR, landing paper etc?
  9. Hello,
    I just renewed my passport at BLS Brampton and it took 16 days for processing. I sent application via postal service offered by BLS. Old passport was issued from India.

    Application received at BLS:
    26th June 2018
    Status changed to ‘processing at CGI’ same day.
    Status changed to ‘Ready for Dispatch’ : 11 July 2018
    Received passport (with returned old passport and PR card) : 12 July 2018

    Hope this helps someone who is feeling impatient like I did during processing.
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  10. I got a passport renewed at BLS Brampton center recently and here's my experience: firstly, I didn't know BLS existed so I contacted the consulate and they promptly replied and asked me to show up at BLS. I filled all the documents (refer to their checklist) listed on the BLS site and submitted them. In about 2 weeks they sent a notification and I collected the same. The only part that took me some time to understand was with one of their forms. So in the main form, both reference addresses should be Canadian. In the other form (I think they call it personal particulars or something), the reference addresses should be from back home. And even if you have stayed at multiple addresses over the past ten years, only three copies of that form is needed. And if you are a PR here, they do ask for the card. It is returned along with the new passport. Smooth process overall though, left me quite impressed. Hope this helps.
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  11. What address do you get in the renewed passport ?
  12. Although the form asks you to put the local Canadian address if you are a PR, there is no hard and fast rule. You can put your home country address too, and they seem to be fine with it.
  13. I was impressed with BLS this time around. I got my minor child's passport in 2 weeks here are my timelines.The expired passport was obtained in India. I chose pick up and drop service. Location :Toronto

    14 July Picked up from home
    16 July reached BLS Brampton
    17 under process status and on the way to consulate
    18 Processing at Consulate General
    29 In Transit from Consulate General to BLS Centre
    30 Ready for dispatch
    31st July Received all original documents and new minor passport

    It was very fast and great service.

  14. Can you please tell me how you contacted the consulate. I live in Windsor and need to cross into US very frequently, I need to know if I qualify for Tatkal service? Let me know if I can contact them via phone or email.

  15. Hi I have a question
    Do they do police Enquiry back home when we apply for passport renewal?

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