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Indian Passport Renewal from BLS Toronto

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by amusingfirefly, May 9, 2018.

  1. With Tatkal you can get your passport in a week for more money.

    There is no Tatkal in Ottawa Indian High Commission. Can you give your passport in Toronto ?

    Toronto CGI does not have jurisdiction over Ottawa
  2. Can i submit my Passport for Renewal with a COPR ? I still do not have a PR Card yet. I cannot wait for the PR Card to arrive because of other Visa applications that i need to perform in the interim. If some one has any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks!
  3. Usually it takes about 10 days. Mine was issued in 10 days.
  4. Hi @xylene. Have a question about Payment for courier fee online. When you say Online is it on Courier website like Fedex or BLS website? I am guessing this page? https://www.blsindia-canada.com/vas/

    If we pay here for pickup and drop off we do not need to get the certified cheque for Courier any more right? It would be only $110.40 CAD as mentioned on BLS website? Please let me know.

    Thanks in advance
  5. Hi all,
    I am a new PR immigrant (not yet received the PR card).
    To renew the Indian passport (issued in Chennai) at BLS Brampton,
    1. Do we need any Canadian Citizen's reference?
    2. Is it a must to get only the Canadian address printed on the passport? If we can get the Indian address printed on the passport, will they accept the electronic copy of the adhar card as proof of address?

    Thank you in advance for your thoughts and suggestions.

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    Just to complete this and lay it out for future reference. My Passport status at BLS Canada website changed to "In transit from Consulate to BLS" on 31st January, 2019 and finally, I received my passport on 4th February through Purolator at my home. All in all, it took exactly 20 days for me to get my passport renewed from BLS Toronto centre. However, some of my friends got it within 10-13 days. If anyone need any help don't hesitate to ping me. :)
  7. Hi there can you tell me what documents you provided to them because im going tomorrow to renew my passport thanks
  8. Sure.

    I provided them with:
    1. Online filled form printout.
    2. Old Passport Front and Last page copies.
    3. Original Study Permit.
    4. My Voter ID copy as Address Proof in India. (This is not needed if you want to keep the same address as the one on your old passport. I wanted different address that's why I had to attach this.
    5. Scotiabank Credit Card statement as Proof of address in Canada. (I didn't have Driver's License or Ontario Photo Card, that's why I gave the statement.)
    6. A Letter of Explanation mentioning why I'm attaching the Statement.
    7. A Letter of Explanation mentioning the reason why I'm renewing my passport so early when it has more than a year left for expiry.
    8. Personal Particulars Form.
    9. Original Passport.

    Once your application is approved, you will receive your study permit and old passport back along with the new passport through post. If you have any other queries then I'm happy to address them :)
  9. Yes, that is correct. That is what I too planned to do
  10. Im going to start this process this week for my son's passport and my consulate is Vancouver too. The processing time per http://www.blsindia-canada.com/new_ppt.php is 6 to 8 weeks. Hopefully they dont take that long. What is your current status?
  11. yep the page in your post is where you make the payment. Alternatively you can call their call center and pay over the phone by giving your CC details.
  12. I have a question:

    I submitted my application for my passport renewal on saturday, Feb 23rd and then yesterday, Feb 25th i got a request for additional documents from BLS on behalf of the HCI Passport office. It says in the email that i should submit the additional documents at the earliest.

    My question is how long do i have? the document i have to get attested and submit is in India and so I am getting the document Airmailed to me ASAP, but will still take a few days at least. The email didn't specify an exact no of days just said "at the earliest". I called BLS and they couldn't answer this question either.

    Can someone please help out in answering this query?
  13. will there be a police verification needed?
    do I need to provide any Indian address proof?
  14. Hi,
    Do they only send the new passport and original document by post, or do we have an option to pick it up in person? Thank you!
  15. They have option to pickup in person.
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