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India PCC from San Francisco - time taken?

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by canadianrockies84, Sep 15, 2017.

  1. Hi All,

    if you have any information on how long does it take for getting PCC from indian consulate, San Francisco, please let me know.

    Passport is issued in india for spouse and mine is issued at san francisco.
  2. I got it within a week. They say it will take between 1 - 2 weeks.
  3. Hey Guys,

    My PCC request documents reached SF consulate on 03/08 but have not heard from them since.

    What is the current time line at SF Consulate and if I want to contact regarding the status of my application is there a contact center number?

    Would really appreciate any info. Thank you.
  4. Try calling the embassy. Keep an eye on your phone. Consulate in SF often calls your phone to confirm which country are you applying PCC for before issuing it.
  5. Hi sk922,

    Did you get ur PCC. I applied mid march and still waiting.

  6. Hi m9up1,

    PCC was mailed to me on 03/22 and I received it by 03/26.

    There was no communication from consulate all through the process.
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  7. Did you guys received any call from SFO consulate during the entire process.
    Please reply. Thanks in advance.
  8. hi,
    Yes I got a call from the consulate saying it was ready for pickup. Try to call them if it’s over 10 business days
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  9. Tomorrow will be 10th day. I have sent the passports via mail so I guess I will not be getting call for pickup as have already sent the return packages.
    After how many days you got the call ?
  10. Hello, My passport reached on 5/02. Is there a way I can contact the consulate to know the status or do I just wait ? Appreciate any help!
  11. You can call or email them but they usually don't reply. And on the website its mentioned to contact after 10 working days once the docs reached.
  12. Thank you! I received my passport yesterday!
  13. I'm too waiting for PCC from SF. They received my passport on 08/06 and still waiting. We sent an email to them few days back and they mentioned that its going to take 4 weeks.

    Anyone with a recent experience?

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