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Immigration Acronyms

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by mikeramma, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. Hello guys, I have a question. I have done my bachelor's in Electrical engineering from Pakistan. I am planning to do masters from UK in electrical engineering. What are the chances that I will be granted Immigration in Canada?
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  2. Hello, Be more specific. You do not get CANADIAN immi benefit if you study in UK.
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  3. Need your help guys... Did my graduation (BSc(IT)) from PTU Distance Learning. Completed the same in 2010. Any idea of what will it be accounted for by WES?
  4. any ever seen the acronym AB-M?
  5. I am a lion from Palestine. I want a job that can help me please. I am 24 years old
  6. any ever seen the acronym AB-M?
  7. CANCIT - Canadian Citizen.
    This showed up on my GCMS notes.
  8. How about LC1 and LC2??
  9. Anyone can tell what is need to be done on the IP2? or to what extent the agency do on the background check (IP2)?
  10. Hi all need help want immigration from Pakistan I have done an MBA and currently doing job I have an experience more then 12 years can I apply for skilled class
  11. What does MEP stand for ?
  12. I believe it stands for "medical passed."
  13. oh, that makes sense! thanks for clarifying
  14. Please am new here, how can I apply for Canada visa here. Thanks

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