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Immigration Acronyms

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by mikeramma, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. I have also applied in Ghana
  2. What are the requirement?
    Before I have applied again last week...
    I'm a computer literate
  3. Hello!!!!, My name is Richard, am new on this platform, can someone tell me what is all about
  4. Hi,
    I am having problems with my student status. Actually i was a student at lasalle college in quebec till dec 22,2018. But i dropped that college on dec 22 because they were making me part time student for 2 semesters because i dropped french course. I completed 5 semesters in accouting and only one is left. Now i want to change the province to Vancouver but they are giving me admission in july or September intake. I consulted one lawyer and he said i should be enrolled in any college before 90 days expire otherwise i will have problem in my work permit. Now, on march 23,2019 my 90 days period will get expired.
    I have not completed my last study and did 5 out 6 semesters because my lawyer said its no use doing part time in my college so i dropped. Now,my problem is want to change the province to Vancouver but only intake available to me is either in july or September but as i mentioned above i cannot go beyond 90 days gap . Is it okay if i get enrolled in july will it affect my work permit or PR process in future. Please help me i need to do sometimes asap.
    Thank you
  5. You HAVE to extend your study permit if you want to continue study even you study at the other college in or different province. You still have few more days to apply extended permit in order to put you in IMPLIED status. IMPLIED status means you can keep study and work (if your previous study permit was allowed you to work) while waiting for the final decision of your extended permit. However, you should call cic, because you want to go to another province and study, you may or may not allow to study until you get new study permit. More importantly, you will not able to have PGWP because you interrupt your study (drop 1 semester without valid reason, such as, sick, accident, etc.)
  6. Am a master student from Nigeria specialized in agric engineering and food processing, can I get help from your wife on immigration and job finding. Am married with 2kids
  7. Hi all,
    I have a question about UCI format:
    According to CIC glossary:
    "A Client Identification Number (Client ID), also referred to as a Unique Client Identifier Number (UCI), can be found on any official document issued by an Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada office, Case Processing Centre or a Canadian visa office outside Canada.
    A Client ID consists of four numbers, a hyphen (-) and four (4) more numbers (example: 0000-0000).

    However, my UCI has 10 digits without a hyphen.
    Did CIC change UCI format and did not update glossary, or I got a wrong UCI? I wonder because every time I use my UCI to search for my AIPP application on eCas it said my application can not be found.
    Please share your knowledge, thank you!
  8. Please acronym for PR
  10. This is very good and informative, but please how do I locate the authentic page on the portal where I can take the IELTS general training exam???
    Please I really need help...

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