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Immigrating as Self-Employed, is there a specification on supporting documents?

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by PatrickPaes, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. What? That's a crazy long time. Have you requested GCMS notes to at least find out what the hold up is? My AOR was March 22nd and I received PPR months ago
  2. Brigante, is Nigeria ur visa office?
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    thanks u so much my friend for the answer .Another question i like to know the answer is that i have everything , work experience , age and ielts but im not sure about the funds requested for self employed how much we need to show i only have 15000 dollars. i mean when u land in the airport are they are going to ask or see the money this is what im scared of.
  4. Hi
    just confirming do we need ielts result to apply as self employed farmer stream.
  5. It depends on the specific officer you meet on the day. I was just asked if I have the necessary funds, no documents needed. Others were asked for documents. So it's safer for you to have it ready than not, because you can still be denied admission because of it at that point. And don't carry it in the form of cash since you aren't allowed to carry more than 10,000 in currency into the country. A certified banks statement should be enough
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  6. Thank u so much for your help hope we will meet if i success in this project.Now im trying to fill out the forms but one form is very hard to do i mean schudule 6a how to fill it out .could u share a copy or describe the way it done.
  7. My friend its been so long its frightening would appreciate steps of getting GCMS notes. I trust you are settling in nicely.

    I do hope to join you I Canada very soon.
  8. Unfortunately No, its actually Ghana n I understand its so crowded over there with loads of backlogs.
  9. Hello Guys, a quick glance at my application on CIC and it still states in progress. However the average processing time has dropped to 26 Months (Updated 18th March).

    I have also gone a step further to request GCMS notes expecting feedback by 30th March. Will probably get them after the Easter Celebration now. It is frightening how on can get AOR 1st March 2017 no movement or any form of contact 12 months and a few weeks later. Waiting is not for the feint hearted my people.
  10. AOR October 2015 still waiting.
  11. Whatttttttttttt, have you ordered GCMS notes, or had any contact from them, requesting additional documents or anything?
  12. Infact my advise would be that you contact them directly, that is 28 months, such an awful long time. write a polite mail to them, they will respond (if you haven't already done this)
  13. Thanks,
    Your conversation in this thread really helped me clear out several things, also thank you for being responsive and supportive. And many congrats on getting the PR as well.
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  14. Can you please share your timeline?
    Date on which you sent your application:
    Date on which cic received the application:
    Date on which any update was received:
    Date on which you got the request to submit documents:
    Date on which you were asked to come to Canada:

    Did you provide any business plan in supporting documents? or is it worth submitting a business plan?
  15. Apologies for the delayed response. Things have been a bit busy of late. i will try reply to your questions as best as I can

    Date on which you sent your application: October 14th 2016
    Date on which cic received the application: October 21st 2016
    Date on which any update was received: Acknowledgement of receipt March 22nd 2017, Medical request 7th June 2017
    Date on which you got the request to submit documents: Passport request November 3rd 2017
    Date on which you were asked to come to Canada: I am not sure what you mean by this

    I did not provide a business plan. the application documents made it clear not to include one

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