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Immigrating as Self-Employed, is there a specification on supporting documents?

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by PatrickPaes, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone!

    I hope this questions bring a light to the ones that are also applying through the self-employed program.

    I am a freelancer professional who works at the film and new media industry, and as we all know, we must send our supporting documents so we can prove we are experienced and that we will be able to support ourselves in Canada.

    My question is: As I work behind the cameras, I have many, many "making of" pictures of me working, how does that need to be formatted? Does pictures have a specific size, does description has a specific placement? I also have contracts, receipts, etc. should I just print and stack them, or should I put notes on it? Has anyone who already sent their supporting documents an example of how they sent it?

    Coudn't find anything specific to the self-employed category about it.

    Kindest regards,
  2. I guess you checked that if you truly applying under the actual self employed category the process time currently is 68 months
  3. I am aware of it. An immigration consultant that contantly works with Self Employed persons told me the last cases she is been working on are taking from year and a half to two years in my country.

    Anyway, does anyone knows how it's been done when it comes to sending pictures as supporting documents (as I have pictures of me working and other kinds of pictures that serves as evidence of my job)?
    I did a table on Microsoft Word with two colums and several rows of pictures with the description right below them.
  4. Hi Patrick

    Did you manage to apply? How is your process going so far? I also applied under cultural activities in film production. I didn't use pictures but included links to jobs I have worked on and been credited. Seemed to work for me since they requested my medicals and other docs. Can't say for sure if I am through though. Hopefully we can compare notes with our experiences
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  5. Hi Guys - I have a question - as a producer in film did you show any sort of cross over in experience?

    For example as a photographer - I'm required to show I also worked for another photographer to gain my skills.
    Therefore before showing all of my own commerical work, I'm wondering if I can show all the jobs I was a part of (I did lighting at high levels in nyc).

    As a producer did you only show works you had produced? Or say, show works you had assist-produced, or maybe did lighting on, and so forth.

  6. I believe the most important aspect of it is the work be "to a world standard". So essentially if you have work that is highly lauded, maybe won awards or similar you should emphasize that. Basically my understanding is as long as you were significantly involved and credited you can claim it as part of your experience. I showed work I had edited also.
  7. Thank you! Figured there must be room for some sort of cross over in relevant skills.

    How long did/has your application taken thus far?

  8. I applied in October last year. Still awaiting their final word now
  9. Hello, please can you share your timeline with me? My wife and1 are using that route with her as the PA, while we wait to see if I can get a direct ITA with EE (score of 417). Application submitted July 2016, AOR with UCI communicated on 1st March, 2017. any idea when they may request medicals + other docs from us? Your response will be hugely appreciated.
  10. I think it depends on your visa office Brigante. I come from an area without too much traffic so it might move faster than others. I applied in October 2016, received AOR in March and medical request in June
  11. Great to hear, I reckon you will get the call to submit your passport latest September 2017. I tap into your quite fast process. My visa office is Accra and I can only imagine how busy it will be there. I remain positive. Please do well to state/update this thread accordingly.
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  12. Hello Friend any movement on your application?
  13. Not yet my friend. Still stuck at Medicals Passed. To be honest I don't expect much change till end of August
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  14. Is thete

    Is there a way you track aside from the CIC platform? Sorry to be a bother.
  15. It's absolutely no bother. We joined the forum so we could be helped and its only fair to help out if you have a chance. Anyway depending on your immigration stream there's also ECAS which can be found here https://services3.cic.gc.ca/ecas/authenticate.do

    You can also request gcms notes through an immigration lawyer I think. It will cost you though but I hear it's more accurate. Just google sites through which you can get gcms

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