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Immigrating as Self-Employed, is there a specification on supporting documents?

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by PatrickPaes, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. Hello Brigante yes it's been a while. I had already done medicals back when we last spoke. They recently requested a new police certificate since the one I sent in with the application had expired over the duration of the processing. They're finishing up our background check so am expecting good news this month at least
  2. hello !!
    Do you know what they exactly mean for self-employed ?
    for example - In my country it means you are a freelance, and you have a sort of personal number in order to pay taxes by yourself.
    (or you have your own company and so the company's number for taxes)

    I have been working for companies as a external collaborator but not as a real freelance.
    so I have a contract type called "project's contract for external collaborator"
    I'm not really really hired, I've not worker's rights, but the company pay the taxes for me and I don't have freelance number or similar.
    Do you think I'm eligible ?
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  3. Have you looked at CIC's definition of self-employed on their web site? The answer is very easily found there. Based on the description you've provided - you do not qualify.
  4. ??? sorry what are you talking about ?
    I have not found any definition on the CIC website, can you send me the link please?

    the only sentence they wrote is this, which does not answer my question

    Self-employed person means a foreign national who:
    • has relevant experience
    • intends and is able to be self-employed in Canada and
    • can contribute to Canada’s economy in one of the required areas.
  5. The information is on the same page. Right below what you've quoted.

    Your experience is relevant if you have:
    • taken part in cultural activities or athletics at a world-class level or
    • been self-employed in cultural activities or athletics or
    • experience managing a farm
  6. yes but I still don't understand :)

    I didn't mention the category of my job, I'm just wondering about how to demonstrate I was self-employed... type of contract... taxes... or how?

    anyway I fall in to the "taken part in cultural activities" since I work in the film industry.

    at this page they says - Cultural activities are:
    • technical support and other jobs in motion pictures,
    • creative designers
    in my country those type of job can be done either if you are a Freelence (with your own number for taxes return) or with the "external collaborator contract" as I explained, we are not hired, we are half and half, and I'm wondering if it will be considered valid.
  7. You would need to supply proof in the form of tax returns, evidence of pay, signed contracts, and letters from companies/individuals who have contracted your services. You will also need to demonstrate that the cultural activities were world-class.
  8. As Scylla says you will need to at the least provide the contracts for proof so you need to at least talk to the companies and individuals that contracted you for jobs and ensure they would be willing to corroborate your info in case they are contacted for confirmation. Also ensure you have examples of jobs you have worked on that you can argue are of a "world class" level. This is actually a very ambiguous part of the definition and the officer determining your eligibility has a huge leeway in determining that.
  9. Hello Banana
    I am a studio photographer with 5 years experiences.
    I have self insurance and my contracts and etc...

    my question is that:Are you sure about being an " world class"??? because as I read in CIC

    Relevant experience
    Your experience is relevant if you have:

    • taken part in cultural activities or athletics at a world-class level or
    • been self-employed in cultural activities or athletics or
    • experience managing a farm
    in second line there is no emphasis in world class.

    And my second question is this:
    having a business plan for self_employment after arriving to Canada is important or not?
  10. Hey Nassaj

    You're right the definition doesn't include the emphasis on "world class" if you have the prerequisite self employed experience. It's emphasized for those like me who don't have that experience i.e. you were always an employee.

    And no you do not need a business plan to apply. You may just draw up one for your own use though
  11. Thank you Banana ...
    What is the last news about yourself? Do you recieve your PR?
  12. Yeah I did and landed in Canada already. Just working hard to be settled as soon as possible
  13. so are u allowed to work in any occupation in canada or you have to work as self employed there
  14. Hello My friend,

    How is it going with you, have you arrived Canada yet? The process time from Nigeria is sickening, there has been basically no movement or news from CIC since i got my AOR March 1st 2017. Kindly stay in touch bro.

    Stay Blessed.
  15. Yes you can work in any profession
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