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I.S.P / ITCP for Sakekatchewan PNP

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by ahmedalima, Dec 26, 2017.

  1. Hi there,

    I am a from India and I have done my masters degree in Information Technology and have over 15 years of IT experience. I am interesting in migration to Saskatchewan province thru PNP program. I have already applied for my ECA and now I would to apply for my professional license. So I have the following queries from my end to get clear before I apply for the same:

    1. Whats the designation (I.S.P / ITCP) I should apply for?
    2. What are the documents required for the same.
    3. How much app. it costs?

    If any who have gone thru the above scenarios, please share their experience/knowledge.

  2. canadapr1982Star Member
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    I applied license under NOC 2173 and I got approved around 8 -12 weeks from CIPS.....I am not sure about this is the license or not as I got I.S.P. approval letter and Certificate from CIPS in which they mention membership number. So, May be membership number is License which SINP are talking about.But one more thing not in any document which I got from CIPS, they can't mention any NOC number like that.
    I applied for the I.S.P. under the Education Plus Experience Route (http://www.cips.ca/EdplusEx). Under this route you are required to have your official transcripts sent to us directly from your educational institutions, along with a Canadian course-by-course equivalency assessment (assessment centers listed in application). If your course-by-course equivalency assessment indicates that they received your official transcripts directly from your school(s) then you can have the assessment center mail us an official copy of your assessment instead of having your school mail us your official transcripts.

    Yes, the application fee is $250. You can pay the membership fee $350 now or at the time you are approved.
    Also need the completed application form, your Code of Ethics exam certificate, and your experience letters as indicated in the application form.

    Below is the address you can tell WES to send your course-by-course official transcripts directly to them:
    CIPS, 60 Bristol Rd E, Unit 8, #324, Mississauga, ON, L4Z 3K8
  3. I applied SINP Oct 2017 intake under NOC 2173. I received ADR today asking for APEGS license. I submitted my CIPS license on Dec 13. I don't know why they are asking for APEGS now? I completed my B. Tech. in computer engineering and but my work experience/job duties are matching (90%+) with NOC 2173. It may be their mistake or they considered my application for NOC 2147. I am totally clueless now. In ADR doc, they have not mentioned anything about NOC mismatch or anything. Straightforward they provided ADR details as below. According to me, it should be their mistake. Please help me if you have any idea of this type of ADR.

    Work experience
    Your occupation needs proof of professional status or
    licensing. Please provide documentation from the
    Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of
    Saskatchewan (APEGS) showing your Engineer‐in‐Training
    membership; or you have received an academic assessment
    result letter from APEGS indicating that you have been
    assigned Confirmatory Exams.
  4. Hello, It's totally surprised because for NOC 2173...they mention CIPS also for getting License... I also got license from CIPS... I think this is the mistake from their side....for CIPS license.... u got online and physical certificate in which they mention membership number as well as Name badge and one approval letter...Right??? this membership number is License ...right???
  5. Yes correct. As of now, I received Online certificate only and submitted the same to SINP on Dec 14. After submission of my CIPS Certificate, I received ADR for APEGS membership. I already emailed them my query. Let them revert back to my mail. Hoping for a positive reply.
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  6. Hi whether I.T.C.P is required for NOC 2173, what king of information we need to include in the document, we need to send that document physically or electronically. How we can pay amount them, they are asking for card number details.
    Thanks in advance.
  7. https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/sinp-oid-certificate.514489/

  8. Hi There,

    I am still bit confused as which one I should opt for...ISP or ITCP. FYI, I am working as a Software Engineer and I have 4 years Canadian equivalent degree in Computer Science plus 10+ years of total IT exp.

    Your input will be highly appreciated.

  9. Hi Harsh,
    What was the response about your query on the APEGS membership?
    What did you have to do further?
    I am a Software Engineer with 15+yers exp and my bachelors degree is B.E. Computer Science, graduate from University of Pune in India. ECA for the same is done already by WES. I had applied for ISP license to CIPS in Nov 2017, expecting its result in a few days. I was hoping to apply for SINP when they next start accepting applications. I thought APEGS membership is not required for Computer Science graduates.
    Please guide.
  10. https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/sinp-oid-certificate.514489/
  11. @ashuindian, I applied for APEGS EIT certification on 9th Dec 2017 but it went to "in-progress" status only on 16th March 2018. Typically, It takes 1 year time as per their website. Can you please let me know if you have any idea what is chance of getting certification earlier? is there anyway to request to expedite the application (I sent a request mail to their email id but couldn't get any response).

    My SINP application is hold due to EIT certification until 10th Dec 2018. I am getting nervous as it is getting late for me. Thanks
  12. Hi Harsh, I have few queries which are as follows, request you to respond.

    1. On Dec 13, 2017 when first time the SINP asked for a licensure, did they mentioned anything about licensing body, i.e., CIPS/APEGS?

    2. How much time they have given you to submit the ADR licensure from APEGS?

    3. Will you mind to share your education, work experience and profile details?

    Thanks much. Looking forward for your prompt response.

  13. @harshbhalodia Did you get any response about your query from SINP ?

  14. I have got ADR for licensure but they didn't mention APEGS or CIPS. My NOC is 2175. I have applied cips ISP in mid july. Can you help me to understand approximate how much time it will take to get the certificate?

    Many Thanks.
  15. CIPS IS good. It takes about 8-10 months
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