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I mistakenly revoked my GCkey...

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by kim1215, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. hi, i'm kim from korea

    few days ago, I made a big mistake...i revoked my gckey
    I submitted study permit application that account 3weeks ago
    I created new GCkey, insert my information
    but link existing application system doesn't work

    my visa application is deleted?
    or system error? should I submit visa application again?
  2. I think the account may be deleted. Your application still be in Process. It is my opinion not so sure.

    Don't worry. You will get mail. Try to call the Canadian High Commission or Canda Visa Office in your county.

  3. Hi Kim! Call the CIC and they will send you an email to where you can request for your GCkey to be activated again.
    I had the same issue couple of months ago and thats just what I did.

    Hope it helps.
  4. pls i mistakenly revoked my GCKEY account today, and i just receive an email notification and am unable to access it. pls what number can i call to rectify this issue
  5. Did you manage to fix the problem?
  6. Have you solved your problem. I made the same mistake as you, and I can't sign in my MyCIC, could you tell me how to deal with it? Many thanks.
  7. Revoked account cannot be opened again. The information given above is either false or not available anymore. The only way to reach to your application is to open up a new account and try to link it. I tried and failed. I am waiting for a solution from technical service but they seem like they are making free money without even working there. I have been trying to contact them and trying to link my application for 2 months. Each question is answered in 2 weeks so think about how slow the procedure is and the answers like try to link your application to your new account from this button. This answer is spammed to me for 3 times. Even though I entered all the information system failed to connect. I tried to connect maybe over 100 times.

    If you have an issue you should start up a case specific enquiry from here: https://secure.cic.gc.ca/enquiries-renseignements/canada-case-cas-eng.aspx

    Long story short if you cannot link your application to your new account, that would be a bummer. My application is updated 3 times (I still get emails about my revoked account, they cannot open it again but I can still get updates. Hilarious..), probably it is finalized and I still cannot reach to it. I will call them by tomorrow to see if it is finalized.

    I am really frustrated and I am really sorry for you... I hope system allows you to link your application to your new account. Because if system fails on you, no technical service will be out there to help you.
  8. Hey did u found any solution? I made the same mistake and its now more than 4 months that i have applied for my express entry so i am hoping message at anytime its really urgent for me to get access to that account... I have tried linking my application but it keeps on saying that we found one matching application but can't link because server is unavailable please lemme knoe if you got any solution thanx... My id id navdeep.nb@gmail.com
  9. Hi,
    I have the exact same problem with linking my application for my Visitor Visa. I mailed question@cic.gc.ca, started a case specific enquiry and tried contacting them in all possible ways. Its been more than 3 weeks and there is no response yet. I tried a lot of times to link the application, all I get is "no application matching the information you entered". Could you please tell me if you have managed to fix the issue or is reapplying the only option?
    Looking forward for your help! Thanks!
  10. I have the same problem, I revoked my Gcked by mistake. Can you solved this problem? Could you help me?
    Tanks and Best regards

  11. I have the exact same problem and my flight is on July 28th..can anyone help or has a telephone number that I could dial? I am really desperate since there seems to be no one who was able to solve this problem...
  12. Don't worry I did the same mistake. I created a new account and then I linked my application to the new account. You have to provide some information such as your name, birth date, your arrival date etc. If you do all correctly then you won't face any difficulties linking the account.
  13. Same mistake I have done as mentioned in this forum ..accidentally revoked my GCKey. Customer care team asked me to create new ID. However, application is not able to pull/link by the portal and every time end up with no application found.
    Send out multiple emails to questions@cia.ca, report technical issue and update in IRCC web form. nothing has changed. almost it going to cross 2 months. no update. every day flooding with auto generated emails.
    I have raised second application and it got withdrawn by immigration team saying first application is active. Not sure what I need do.

    Appreciate your suggestions or tips to overcome from this issue
  14. Hello,

    I faced the same issue and I created lots of GCKeys to link my application, since 5 unsuccessful attempts result with 24 hours of waiting time for the next turn.

    So I e-mailed a couple of times but no response, and I tried to find their number outside Canada. But still no result.

    I was so sure that my information was all correct and I tried all the possible ways to write my information.
    I wrote my passport number's first letter and the rest numbers with space or without, but no luck.

    However, after all those, I tried to write my city's name with a slash. If I give an example, let's say I am from Toronto, so in the place where it wants you to write your city name, I wrote Toronto/Canada, and chose Canada as the country of birth. And then I submitted and it found my application!

    So if you are having some problems, try to write your city's name with your country's name with a slash between them.

    Another example:

    City of birth:

    Country of birth:

    Hope it helps!
  15. Hi,

    Today I could link my revoked account to a new account. I have applied for a visitor visa. I tried to link my application in many different ways but it did not work. I emailed them via the link that they have provided for reporting technical difficulty, and I sent the snapshot of my browser, errors, and the information that I have provided. They emailed me back within a week and answered me very perfectly. The problem in my case was that I have chosen the subcategory of my visa application to "visitor record" which was WRONG and it should be "Temporary Resident Visa". In other words it should be like this:

    Temporary Residence Category/ Temporary Resident Visa Sub-Category

    Hope that helps :)

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