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I am able for Work Permit or PR ?

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by Zohaib Hassan, Aug 22, 2019.

  1. I want to study Fashion designing. (advanced diploma) at Fanshawe collage in Ontario/canada . This course duration is 3 years. Can I should be able for Work Permit or PR after Study ?
  2. No reason why not given Fanshawe is a public college so with a 3 years course you could apply for a 3 year PGWP on completion. Whether you could apply for PR after that would depend on work experience during your PGWP plus any other requirements to qualify
  3. Any scope of Fashion Designing diploma in canada or suggest me some high scope diploma after completing I getting job easily
  4. Sorry no idea although would suspect it would be very competitive field to get any job in that area that would be assuming you manage to get a study permit in first place which would depend on your existing qualifications and more how such a course helps when you return home not if you planned to stay in Canada as a goal for taking the course.
  5. I have no plan to stay in canada for long time but expect I get better work permit for that .
  6. Please suggest me some better diploma of arts like visual effects, Fashion management, or fine arts , which diploma I can choose , after completing I get work permit easily or get job because thats work help me to take good level job in pa

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