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Humber college May 2019 intake

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Iqbal1313, Sep 7, 2018.

  1. Is there anyone who is going to apply HUMBER COLLEGE for MAY 2019 intake
  2. yes I am planning to apply for humber college for may 2019.
    Do you have any idea when the intake is going to be open??
  3. 1st week of October
  4. any idea about lambton and centinnial may intake??
  5. Both are running full for May 2019 intake
  6. hey! I'm waiting to apply for GBM at Humber for May 19 intake.
    I'm also applying at Centennial for May 19. According to my counsellor the Centennial May intake hasn't started yet. I've got my offer letter from Lambton College but I'm not going to take it since the college doesn't have good reviews.
  7. Go for lambton, don't waste your time for offer letters from Humber and centennial they usually take 3-4months for offer letters
  8. I've decided to wait for Humber and Centennial. I know its a risk but I've spoken to a few students studying at Lambton, they told me that if I can wait for Humber and Centennial then I should because they're better than Lambton.
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  9. It
    Good choice! Humber and Centennial both have a good reputation in and around Toronto. But as Iqbal said, it's going to take a lot of time to get LoA.

    I will also be applying for GBM in Humber, May intake as a 2nd option. First I am waiting to get my offer letter from Lambton for May intake for Marketing Management program. I've been told by many of my seniors who are studying in Canada, that specialized courses like IT, Finance and Marketing have much higher value in the job market as compared to generic courses like GBM. They could be wrong, but then I feel, that at the end of the day, employers are going to hire you on the basis of your skills and not your college reputation.
  10. Hey,

    I have yesterday applied for may -intake.. it shows on the website that the intake was open .however someone told me that admission might have been full by this time for. May 2019. Can this be true. Or the quota for Indian application is full ?
  11. It doesn't matter much which college you are from because it is just a diploma or graduate certificate. Lambton, centennial or Humber they have same certificate or diploma..there are so many people applying at this time so it is better to grab whatever you have. Because you never know when you might run out of options
  12. Plis
    Humber will begin to process applications for May'19 from October 1st. So there is a high chance that you might still get admission.
    What is your course and profile ?
  13. Hey there!! I have also applied for GBM and Project Management at humber college for may 2019. And also thinking to apply for cenntinial as well. Do you have any idea when it will be opening. And am i late already to apply?
  14. Centennial would open in 2-3 weeks, as told by my consultant.
    Btw what all documents did you submit to apply for GBM ?
  15. I have submitted my DMCz from the bachelors degree, a provisional degree certificate, backlog certificate, 12 grade dmcz, 10 grade dmcz and ielts TRF.

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