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How much is strictness

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by santi_marlon, Oct 18, 2019.

  1. Hi everyone
    term of strictness i mean severity in applicant process :
    i heard that if you have high score in your languages result , i mean for example you have both English and french with really notable grade C1 for example
    officer opposite of other cases with normal grade will not have that much severity about every things and documents and to your case in compare of others

    how much this can be accurate ?
    i'm sure anyone ask which kinds of severity
    of course there are many documents which applicant should give
  2. It's not clear what you mean by severity and difficult to understand what you are asking. All the language score does is determine how many points you have. A high language score does not mean that the officer will look less closely at other documents such as your work experience. The two things are not related.
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  3. Hello again
    Yes you understood full completely sir i highlight what i mean
    and just let me i ask one thing that never clear for me
    what happen if applicant claim for example for 3 years but because any reasons(any)
    officer will not accept 1 year of them? 2 years accept
    have you heard something like this ?
    because in this situation 2 years Work exp in EE has notable less points than 3 years
    so what will happen here?thanks in advance if you know clear this my doubt

    because systematically(system checking) applicant's points is calculated and then asking for further documents before nothing check

  4. i ask that thread several time
    no one was given logical answer
    just i remember this is under officer hand and i'm sure should be solution about this
    here in EE system 1and2 year(s) has equal point but 3 has more
    i want to know what happen if in specific case applicant can not satisfy officer to accept ......
    will applicant process reject ?
  5. As part of your application, you must submit documents to prove you have the work experience you claim. If you want to claim 3 years of work experience then you will need to show proof that you have three full years of work experience. If the officer does not accept 1 year of work experience for any reason (e.g. insufficient documents, you don't have a full three years of work experience), then your points will be reduced to only 2 years of work experience and you may no longer have enough points to qualify for ITA. If you no longer have enough points, the application will be refused.

    Also - I am not a sir. Early lesson in moving to Canada. Don't assume you are talking to a man.
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  6. Answered above.

    Yes - the application will be refused if this reduces your points below the ITA cut off.
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  7. thanks for answering such this complete
    for my mentioned "sir" i also apologize

  8. hello and thanks
    in case it refuse
    can applicant apply under other programs like OINP ? or no for ever it is gone :oops:


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