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How does a realtor work?

Discussion in 'Housing' started by itsron, Apr 1, 2019.

  1. 1. Is hiring a realtor free for tenants?

    2. If the landlord is paying realtor, is he/she going to rent at a higher price than normal?

    3. Where can I contact a reliable realtor? Is there a popular website?

    Thanks and cheers,

  2. 1. Yes. At least in Ontario, I don’t know about other provinces.
    2. No, this isn’t necessarily the case.
    3. Which city are you looking at?
  3. I'm looking at Kitchener/Waterloo and Guelph areas.
  4. You can use the Toronto Real Estate Board's website. http://trebhome.com/

    This is genuine and reliable and you can get a good idea of prices in the areas you're looking at. They have a "Find a Realtor" section as well.
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  5. A realtor is selling houses..never heard of a realtor for tenants. Is that an Ontario thing?
  6. Realtors do both. This isn’t just an Ontario thing - I know this is true in most states in the US, the UK, and other places.

    Check out the show called House Hunters International.
  7. Yeah, but in my book, realtors work for home sellers and buyers.
    A tenant however is a person renting an apartment. I am not aware that one uses a realtor to rent an apartment. I certainly never did, hence my confusion.

    I am aware of the TV program, watch it myself.
  8. It’s pretty common. I’ve always used a realtor. Makes life easier cause they can do some of the running around and also help with any special clauses (like making sure there are no pet damage clauses etc)
  9. Most realtora deal with high value rentals. It doesn't make sense for them to other rentals. Would suggest looking at kijiji or craigslist but be careful for scams. Larger complexes usually have a manager or office where you can submit an application without needing a realtor. You will likely find realtors only show rental homes or condos. Realtors are paid by the owner and they usually charge 1 month to the owner.
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  10. What I've heard more common is property management company will handle the rental for their customers (owners/landlords). They help manage and screen renters and do the viewing ..etc. They charge owners a percentage on their rental income.
  11. Property management companies are also common hen owners may not live in the city or country. Tends to be for higher priced properties. For apartment buildings you usually apply to the company who owns the building.
  12. I am moving to Toronto from Vancouver and also got surprise that most of the properties specially in Mississauga and Oakville listed by agents I will say up to 80% listed by agents. Even on Facebook Marketplace and Kjjiji most ads are by agents for rental properties. As mentioned by Canuck78 yes these are slightly high priced. Agents will get 1 full rent, if both sides (tenant and owner) have agents half month will go to listing (Landlord agent) and half will to to Tenant's agent as per law.
  13. Yes nothing need to pay by tenant - agent will get commission by landlord
    check zolo - Facebook Market place or realtor.ca
    Contact Syed Taha if you are looking in Toronto 4166710029- I recently got house through him good one.

    Good Luck
  14. A tenant can also be a corporation renting an apartment.
  15. To answer questions in the thread
    1. Yes, Hiring a realtor is free for tenants.
    2. The landlord pays the agent but for leases /rental, it is not much and the agent is expecting long term relation with you so that when you buy a house, you hire him too and that's when he makes money.
    3. Look for local listings in the area you want to settle. Check the brokerage the agent is with. In Canada, Re/max is the biggest and best brokerage. If you know anybody in Canada, ask for references.

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