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Help! husband TRV rejected, lame excuses!?

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Leilahskaf, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. The Canadian would be responsible for signing up for disability payments and finding other sources of income through spouse or family. Many countries require a decent salary to sponsor your spouse. In Canada you have to prove that you can support your family without welfare. In most places you can get a minimum wage job if you are Canadian and most likely speak English or French. It is not too much to ask.
  2. Hahaha .. don’t have stomach to digest if somebody came up with honest advice ...
  3. Well, that’s an odd statement given you have been consistently shown your honest advice is incorrect.

  4. Again, you're requiring 2 completely contradictory things. The Canadian now has to work a minimum wage job AND be able to support a full family on that wage?

    In practicality no one will move if they do not have the means. The only trouble here is that the Canadian (alone) don't have the income to support the family. They do as a couple, however thanks to the non-Canadian's resources.

    The question then becomes: are the non-Canadian's resources taken into account since they're married? Or is the condition strictly that the Canadian must single-handedly support the whole family?

    Also, say for the currency devaluation scenario. Say they can do very well only if the non-Canadian can work in Canada (need double income). There will be no burden on the state but the main earner has to be allowed to work. Does the Canadian system provision for that or is it designed to disadvantage Canadians who want to return to Canada after years with their spouses? ("A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian" humming in the background...)
  5. Good god.....you really do work hard at coming up with the most obscure and remote possibilities to slag Canada (Here's a hint........we get it, you hate Canada and everything about it) since they made it hard for you to obtain a visa, not that you care anyway, since you would only travel here for your wife's' benefit. But really, get a life and move on. Constantly harping on every topic that comes on what you see makes Canada such a crap hole really doesn't interest most of the 37 million residents and the need to debate your perspective ad nauseam (with it's condescending commentary) won't change our minds. Just get over it.
  6. You make it sound like Canadians and PR who come back to Canada will find only a minimum wage paying job. That is wrong. Alot of people I know who doesn't have work experiences earned inside Canada found well paid jobs once they arrived in Canada. It depends where in Canada you are settling because all Provinces have different wages, taxes payable and living situations.

    Heck Ontario had increase their minimum wage to $15/hour which is considered livable to many people who work low paying jobs.
  7. $15/hr won't sustain a family (at least in a decent living standard).

    But regardless, in any case, am I correct to conclude that unless the Canadian person *ALONE* can show income to support the family, they CANNOT have their spouses get PR and live with them?

    And what if the Canadian can support the family on their own but only with things like disability benefits?
    Or what if they can be fine if the non-Canadian is allowed to work (work permit after the outland application is done)?

    You guys see the problem here? I'm not talking about a poor couple. I'm talking about a Canadian who needs/wants to return and don't even want state support, just have the spouse be allowed to work so that they can have enough income. According to what I'm understanding, if I'm not wrong, that's simply impossible as the Canadian must single-handedly be able to support the family.

    Please remember that we're talking about an OUTLAND applicaiton. So that means the Canadian is NOT living or working in Canada to begin with.

    Or can they just use the shared savings/income as proof? Because in that case my question is moot as the main earner can cover that requirement.
  8. From just one thread, how did you came up with such a conclusion?

    You need to dig further: https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/how-long-do-you-have-to-live-together-to-make-it-look-real.63558/

    It's not easy as it seems!
  9. Gosh.. Bryanna u r damn intelligent... lol..
    .. Lol..
  10. LOL
  11. Oh never thought it would be easy. A huge reason besides career advancement that I moved away from Canada is how anal their immigration process is lol.

    However, the thread you pointed out is 2011. Rules changed a lot (though usually to the worse). Also, I was mainly curious about the financial requirements. That thread is more about proving the genuine relationship as far I could see.
  12. Right. But the original poster in the thread you posted has not complete his case yet - the husband is still waiting for his passport request.
  13. Wait, are you saying 7 years on the husband is still waiting?

    Wow. IRCC never stop to amaze me with their idiocy...

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