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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by KJG, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. He received a letter (and email alert) via GCKey online portal on Aug 10th at 8pm requesting the police check. We have already sent that in. I feel that they are just verrry slow to put online updates in ECAS... When I check the ECAS yesterday, there was just the first message. "1. we have received [spouse]'s applicant on July 7th"..

    This is what it says under sponsor:

    1. We received your application to sponsor [spouse] on July 7, 2017.
    2. We sent you correspondence acknowledging receipt of your application(s) on August 11, 2017.
    3. We started processing your application on August 10, 2017.
  2. Yes they are very slow at updating. My friends sponsorship went through and husband is in Canada and it still said they were processing it and he was already in Canada lol. Mine still says in process as well and my husband has interview in two weeks. I believe It won't change until it has been fully processed and everything finalized. If they are requesting anything, the faster your husband gets his information in the faster you will be processed.
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  3. Omg! wow... so slow!!
    I am pretty sure that is the request for the police check.. he didn't get any emails/messages afterwords.. and we check the GCKey every day (and ECAS).. I think it means our case might be moving along in Havana.. still waiting for the medical request :(
  4. Yes things are moving along. When my husband goes for interview it will be 10 months of wait for us. Seems to be the time line for people on here. Some people have got theirs much quicker. Unfortunately with Cuban immigration it seems to be so random for people. Nobody really knows what they going to ask for or how long things will take. I checked my gckey every day hoping something would change. Now we at final step and it's all on them now. If they only requesting police check than that is a good sign. If they needed anything else I'm sure they would of requested it at the same time.
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  5. Yes, it teaches (forces) us to be strong... I am glad your case is finally moving along. Ya, I have a feeling someone in the consualte finally has the case and is updating the steps from long before.. we uploaded the police check a few days after that request.. so looks like they are just checking it off finally on ECAS.. it was accepted on GCKey that same day. Wish they were more transparent with us!!

    But again, so happy for you!!! :)
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  6. My husband did his interview and they told him they would email us to let us know if he was approved or denied. Does anyone know how long until we receive an email? Is it quick or are we going to be waiting a while? I wish they gave the awnser at interview.
  7. I'm assuming it should be quick..usually they will tell you on the spot or ask for PP... Hmm. Maybe things are different with this new process?
  8. Ya I thought they would of told him too. I was confused when they told him they will email a response. It also says online that they email you their awnser. I hope we receive soon. I feel like all I do is wait As soon as something else is completed I wait some more lol
  9. Fingers crossed they will email soon! and yes, think of it that way.. another step is complete and your are closer to the finish line!!

    on another note. I tried calling the call center this morning a few times since 8am.. always busy.. wow.. :(
  10. Hello pastrj.
    Hello friends here in the forum. I'm really full of doubt since my fiancée and I will get married soon and we don't know much about the process of my sponsorship after our marriage. For instance, we would like to know if she should apply for my sponsorship here in Cuba when she comes or in Canada and how it is. I mean, what she has to do for my sponsorship application and all those steps. I'll really appreciate any help people can give us here.
    Best Regards...
  11. She will apply from within Canada, but she will need a number of documents from you, you will need certified copies of all of your documents like passport, ID, birth certificate, etc. that she will bring back to Canada and submit with the application. On the Canada Immigration website they give you a full guide with all of the steps.
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  12. Has anyone had the interview but had to wait for letter of approval? My husband had his interview on November 20. They said we will receive an email if he was approved or not. It's been two weeks and have heard nothing:( I hope we hear soon. Really want my husband here for Christmas.
  13. Wish you that xox
  14. Last year , this was the normal in Havana . People would have interviews and a same day visa was hardly ever issued .. some people waited months for their answer . This year and especially recently it seems interviews are just standard now and visas are issued same day.

    Maybe email Havana and ask them if there is anything else they need from you to issue the visa . Is your police check and everything up to date ?

    What has your husband told you about the interview? His thoughts andfeelings

    QUOTE="Mrs.Suarez, post: 6561587, member: 698850"]Has anyone had the interview but had to wait for letter of approval? My husband had his interview on November 20. They said we will receive an email if he was approved or not. It's been two weeks and have heard nothing:( I hope we hear soon. Really want my husband here for Christmas.[/QUOTE]

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