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Hand-written birth certificates not accepted?

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by rajkamalmohanram, May 14, 2015.

  1. Guys ,

    I want to know if hand-written birth certificates that are duly signed and stamped would be accepted by the VISA office [if they want to see our birth certificates]? Please let me know!!

    Thanks ,

  2. No hand written birth certificate not accepted..
  3. Thanks niravk .. but..

    I would like to rephrase my question.. I was born in a village so the panchayat has issued me a birth certificate that has all the fields printed but the fields are filled using hand. Let me explain.

    My name, Father's Name, Mother's Name and the DOB are all WRITTEN in pen. Is that okay?
  4. Rajkamal if you are from Tamil Nadu getting a Birth Certificate will not be that difficult. The whole process is easy and streamlined these days. I recently applied not once but twice for two major corrections and received it within 15 days. No handwritten copies are issued now. (as far as i know) Maybe you should approach your municipality/Corporation office directly for the printed copy.
  5. Do you mean to say they are providing Birth Certificates for those who are born before 1982 as well ??
  6. @himohan_u

    Its true, i got my Birth certificate with name from Coimbatore Municipal corporation.
    The process is so easy and quick.
  7. I'm a Tamilian but I was born in a small village in Andhra. The village panchayat has issued me a birth certificate where the lefthand side field names like Name, DOB, Father's name, Mother's name etc are printed but the values for those fields like Raj, 00-Apr-1990, XXX, YYY are handwritten.

    I'm not very sure if they issue printed birth certificates in that village even today.
  8. @dnagarajand

    Thanks a lot for the info. Let me check for my birth certificates then.
  9. Like i said, try approaching Municipality/Corporation instead of panchayat offices. I remember one of my friend got her BC through court as well .. There has to be some way.
  10. Are birth certificates mandatory or can we show any other proof like 10th marksheet for the same as birth certificates are submitted in school and they don't return it back ?
  11. Birth certificate isn't mandatory for primary applicant and spouse. Although, for child it is mandatory. In case CIC requests, you should be able to produce it.
  12. It is okay. My children birth certificates were hand written and it was accepted by cic.
  13. It's true birth certificates are not needed for primary applicant and spouse.

    If you still need one, you get through RDO proceedings in AP. my wife was born in cuddapah district, AP.
    She lost her BC, we got it back through RDO proceedings. Will cost you around 7000
  14. rajkamalmohanram

    This is absolutely fine. Mine is also same like yours....the left hand field all printed in english and devnagiri script and names written with a pen in english.
  15. Thanks for the info nagaraj!!

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