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GIC related Help!

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Priyavart Rajain, Jul 3, 2018.

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    Hey there..!
    I did it..! I told scotia and Icici to update everything according to my passport and then I revert the wire transfer on 16th August to fund my GIC now in how many days i can expect my certificate ?
  2. Hey..! @Priyavart Rajain
    After scotia people updated my name I revert the payment on 16th August but due to some queries icici Bank sent it on 20th August I’ve the swift copy of payment yesterday I called the scotia bank and they said that they haven’t received my payment yet !!
    What should i do ? How many days it will take to get my GIC ?
  3. If they did it on 20th , then a minimum of 5-6 days , expect your gic between 26th - 28th..
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  4. Hey @Priyavart Rajain I funded my GIC on 18th august and it got rejected on 23rd august . Still i haven't received any notification from my indian bank that my money has been refunded to them or anything else .?
    What should i do ?
    I guess the same thing happened with youu ? Can you please guide me for this ?
    Its a huge mess.
  5. In how many days you got your money back in india ?

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