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Gic payment rejected by scotia bank

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Nurulain, Oct 19, 2018.

  1. Hello, i got the refund and i also corrected my details with scotia bank as per passport and it got updated.
    Today I finally sended the wire transfer again but this time i forgot to write my indian account no on the swift copy.will it affect the transaction
  2. Amount got deducted from your account na ?
  3. the money was on hold because i the first payment was canceled
  4. I didn't get you
    You said that you have rewired your payment.
    So obviously it got deducted from you indian account na ?
  5. They didn’t transfer the amount in my account because for that they had to convert it from cad doller to inr and i would have loose a hefty amount. Instead of that they put the money on hold in the form of cad dollars and wired it again
  6. Okay
    I don't think there would be a problem again
    Chill soon you will receive your GIC certificate :)
  7. When did you receive the GIC after reverting your money?
  8. Hi
    hi brother can u please tell me when did you receive the rejection mail from Nova Scotia and when did you receive your funds back i got the mail on 30/09/2019 still waiting for the funds

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