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Gic payment rejected by scotia bank

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Nurulain, Oct 19, 2018.

  1. hello,
    I received a mail from Scotia bank qouting that “ benificary customer name and date of birth does not match out records”
    I dont know why they rejected the payment because i went to bank and they told me that the date of birth is same as on passport and also in scotia bank account also. And in benficary customer name the bank didn’t wrote my surname. I don’t know what to know. Can anyone tell me what should i do now?
  2. You should have each and every detail of yours same in scotia bank and your indian bank as per your passport.
    You will receive your money back in 7-8 business days.
    Then you need to transfer the payment again with correct information.
    Make sure every information is as per your passport in both banks i.e Scotia Bank and your bank in india.
  3. Thank for helping.. Actually I went to the bank here and they checked my date of birth and it was exactly as on passport and on Scotia bank . But I don’t know why they wrote that the date of birth does not match.
    But the bank in India from where i remitted the money didn’t include my DOB on the swift copy. Can it be a reason?
  4. You can do one thing
    Call scotia bank and ask the real reason
    Call them after 9pm IST
    +1 416-288-4119
  5. I called the customer care of scotia bank and they just told me that the date of birth didn’t match there records. What should i do
  6. Actually my swift copy didn't contain my date of birth
    You check with your bank in india thathat date of birth in there system is as per your passport or not
  7. Ya they checked it and it is exactly same as on passport and on scotia bank
  8. Yar in my case there was a slight difference between address in scotia bank's system and my swift copy , so they rejected my wire payment.
    I sent scotia bank one scanned copy of my passport. And retransmitted the wire payment .
    Then it was accepted.
  9. Ok did your date of birth was included anywhere on your swift copy
  10. I just checked my swift copy.
    There was no DOB in it.
  11. Ok.what should i do then?
  12. You should call them and say that i am sending the scanned copy of my passport. Do update your system as per my passport. And send the confirmation mail once its done. Then you can go to you bank in india. And ask them the same to update there system as per your passport.
    You can't afford even one slight mistake in wire payment details.
    Soon you will receive your money back.
  13. Ok thnks.. can you provide me your swift copy so that i can direct the bank to make the swift copy like that.
  14. I can
    Bur not here for obvious reasons.
  15. Sent.
    Kindly keep it with you only
    Thankyou :)

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