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Getting license for SINP on noc 2173

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Elkhan, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. I have 11 year work experience in IT. I'm working for 2 companies. One of them i worked as software engineer, now i am working as chief of software engineers group. ( already 9 years) For another otganisation i am working as IT director about 4 year.

    Now i want to apply Saschachewan pnp as software engineer and designer(noc 2173). For this i need get license from CIPS. I read CIPS web page but i dont understand how to apply. If anyone has comphersensive information for applying to license please share with me. Also i want to ask, must i take any exam for license?
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  2. There are two ways majorly for NOC 2173 .

    You can apply for the I.S.P. under the Education Plus Experience Route (http://www.cips.ca/EdplusEx). Under this route you are required to have your official transcripts sent to us directly from your educational institutions, along with a Canadian course-by-course equivalency assessment (assessment centers listed in application). If your course-by-course equivalency assessment indicates that they received your official transcripts directly from your school(s) then you can have the assessment center mail us an official copy of your assessment instead of having your school mail us your official transcripts.

    Alternatively you can apply for the I.S.P. under the "Established IT Professionals Route" (http://www.cips.ca/EstablishedITProfessionals), which is purely experience based, and would not require you to send your transcripts. Under this route you would document your knowledge and experience that you've gained over the years in the listed knowledge areas. You are not required to have experience in all knowledge areas, however your total points gained from the knowledge areas must be greater than 21 points. While you will be providing your personal opinion about the points you believe to have in each knowledge area, the CIPS Experience Review Committee will ultimately determine how many points you are assessed at.

    If you are interested in obtaining just the ITCP I would recommend that you apply under the "Education Plus Experience" route (http://www.cips.ca/ITCPEdPlusEx).
  3. Hi,
    Can you please tell me how the course by course assessment can be sent from WES to CIPS? I have already completed the WES evaluation.
  4. If you write a letter to WES they will send it directly to CIPS
  5. I wrote am email to WES and here is their reply. My evaluation is already done and they are asking me to submit the documents again. I am confused now.

    Thank you for your message. WES evaluates transcripts, degrees and diplomas. WES does not evaluate trade or professional certificate.

    Please be advised that our Evaluators will need to review your documents first in order to confirm that information. You will need to apply for an upgrade and request for your documents to be submitted to WES.
  6. There is an option to upgrade the report to course by course in WES account. You need to select that upgrade option. And than in recipients, provide your address as well as CIPS address mentioned in application form. To select CIPS as a recipient, you need to select other from search and than enter address manually for CIPS.

    Also in my case they didn't require my transcripts again from my University. Once you pay for upgrade, check pending steps section in your WES account. If it states that you need to provide transcripts, than you have to follow the same procedure that you already followed earlier.
  7. Hello,

    Thanks for the providing the details.

    I still have few queries.

    I selected the option, Upgrade document-by-document evaluation to course-by-course. In the same page itself we need to enter the Mailing address.There I couldnt find any option to add the CIPS address.

    And in the report purpose screen I see options like Professional Licensing/Certification,Immigration,Other etc.Which one I need to select?

    Also in the next screen which is "Your Education", It is asking to Add Credential. I dont have any new credential to add.I wanted only the course-by-course assessment of the evaluation which is already done.

    Please help.
  8. Hi
    I'm preparing the application for getting the licence under the category:
    " Established IT Professionals Route ". Will have to fill details for various knowledge areas and I'm not sure how to fill the details.
    Anybody filled and got the licence, please advise. thx
  9. Hello,

    After you took, document by document to couse by course, did it ask to submit required documents?
  10. I selected the option Upgrade ECA report to a standard course-by-course evaluation and in the same page updated the CIPS address as the mailing address.In the next page it is asking to select the purpose of the evaluation. And the options are Professional License/Certification, Immigration, Other ,Education and Employment.

    My doubts are
    1. Am I filling the CIPS address at the correct place.
    2. What is the purpose of the evaluation I need to select?
  11. 1. Address should be filled where we need to select the recipient.
    2. You can select as professional License/certification.
  12. I selected Professional License/Certification...In this I couldn't find anything related to IT or Software for the Licensing/Certification Type. Please let me know how to proceed.
  13. Can somebody help me?
  14. I am planning to apply for SINP. i have given IELTS yesterday and i will get the result after 13 days. I am working as a Front End Web Developer which falls under NOC A 2175. here is the short view of my profile.

    Occupation : Front End Web Developer ( NOC A 2175 )
    Experience : 5 Years
    Education : BSc(IT)
    IELTS : 5.5 (Expecting)
    Age : 31

    I came to know that there is a requirement for some licence. i don't have much knowledge about it.
    what is it? how to obtain it and how long does it take to obtain the licence?

    any help is appreciated.


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