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Find Accomodation in Montreal

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by rafe_lovely, Oct 5, 2019.

    1. Please can any come tell me website to find accomodation in Montreal.
    2. which areas are SAFE with reasonable RENT for family? Please suggest area near to train station.
    3. what is process of lease agreement in Montreal?
    appreciate help in this matter please.
  1. You really need to be more specific. What do think a reasonable rate? What size apartment or home? Do you have a job or is there a high likelihood that you will work in a certain area of the city?
  2. Reasonable rate - 800~1200 CAD per month. (Is this amount is OK for one bedroom apartment in Montreal Or I need to increase my budget?

    One bed room apartment in secure building.

    I will search job in Montreal , i have sufficient saving , so my plan is until i didn't find job , i will use money from my saving.

    So need advice about finding accomodation in Montreal.
  3. How many people will be sharing the apartment? If you have children most landlords prefer renting to a single person or couple. $800 seems low. Due to the large influx of refugees who have arrived to Montreal the lower cost apartments are harder to find.
  4. Two Adult and One child , I think you can give advice , rather then asking so many questions. I have explain to you earlier.

    like you mentioned 800-AUD is low, then how much budget is sufficient ? which areas are good and near to train station. give some advice.
  5. I haven’t lived in Montreal for a while so can not advise. Questions are important. You can’t just say tell me where to live in Montreal with no extra information. In general Canada is safe but very spread out and traffic can be brutal in Montreal so it is best to live somewhere closer to where you work. You could pay 1k to 10k for accommodations and affordability is relative. There is a lot of information on the internet about various neighbourhoods so you should do your own research.

  6. i did my research and which things was not cleared to me, i posted here at forum to get expert opinion , Still you didn't answer my single question. i dont know what is your motive to make simple things complicated.
  7. All forum "experts" are like this.

    look at the number of answers from these experts.

    More the number more useless their answers.

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