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Federal Skilled Worker Class Action Lawsuit

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by admin, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. هI think lawyers have asked the court to delay the decision on whether to turn the litigation to a class action only to draw more litigents till the 14th of Jan!!
    Damen,,,is this really their interest?
  2. No explanations are required. The only thing required is a better understanding of the data on your part.

    The backlog eliminated cases prior to February 2008. All applications filed between November 2008 to June 2010 have clearly been processed faster.

    Look at the chart, and take the Vienna office as an example. The applications of pre-2008 had waiting times of 62 months. After June 2010, the application processing times have dropped to 13 months. I don't about you, but I would say that's a pretty dramatic drop in processing times. The office in Kiev went from 8 years of processing time down to just 1 year - even more of a dramatic drop than Vienna.

    When I look at that chart, everything is crystal clear for me. Why isn't it clear for you?
  3. Why Tims motion is getting dust over it, any one have any anwer? As for every one under standing tims motion should have been resolved by now but why not yet, It creates shocks and suspense in mind.what happened to decsion made by Justice Rennie on his move.It is clear by now that Justice Rennei delivered judgement in this case has not been gone well with cic and other judiciary.Hope the positivity pervails in the judiciary system and right ful judgement appears in next few days week, months-----
  4. I am very optimistic and hopeful,,justice will prevail no doubt about that :)
  5. I think cic as usual start playing as usual as the following entry found in the court case of Tabingo 23 Nov 2012

    Recorded Entry Summary
    - 2012-11-23 Toronto Letter from RESPONDENT dated 22-NOV-2012 "The parties have not reached an agreement therefore an adjounrment of the hearing scheduled for Nov. 23, 2012 is not needed." (Please note: Letter was not received in Registry until 23-NOV-2012). received on 23-NOV-2012 with proof of service on the applicant
  6. I cant understand this until now why Canadian judiciary exceed date of hearing day by day. First they say that hearing is on 23 and 30 Nov 2012, and now they said hearing is on 13, 14 & 15 of Jan 2013 for our cases. Why they prolong it so long?
  7. Friends I am August 2005 applicant. LVO asked me for updated documents in June 2012 and after that i did not hear anything from them until now. could any one comment on it and let me know when i get my medical or my case is rejected due to pre feb 2008 cases. please help me
  8. Yes, your case was part of the large group that was cleared in the backlog.

    My advice would be to wait until they begin accepting new applications, and apply again. The processing times will be much faster, and if you're in one of the worker categories which are currently in high demand, you could be processed in less than a year.
  9. Tuyen, Is there any chance of laywers winning the littigation or Is it feesible for cic to agree all those files which have updated files in 2008.
  10. To All, Please Just Something

    I want to know all those who have made Updation & till date (More
    than 3 1/2 years have passed on), whether CIC New Delhi may have
    checked the files in details.

    as i have Updated Documents in late 2008 allocated marks to each
    section. i also recieved Ontario Pilot Backlog Project Invitation &
    forwarded all my documents to them but till date i have not got any
    invitation from them.

    So can you please throw some light with your background knowledge as
    what is the outcome of all those who have updated in 2008 from New

    In next hearing what will be the output whether it will be class
    action or lead management case. what can you predict from all these
    about the future of litigation.

    In India there was huge protest against prime minister visit. but
    don't know what will happen in future about us.

    Waiting for your prompt response.
  11. You are qualified and do not need to file case or re apply in new immigration and you will get confirmation email after Nov 30 2012.
  12. IndianPNP are you confirmed for this news? any seniors can comment on it?
  13. He is 2005 applicant and updated in June 2012 and as per you he is safe. But waht about those who applied in 2004 & updated in 2008 .Are they safe or unsafe.
  14. yes i think so that I am not safe thats why i need suggestions from experts and seniors on this matter
  15. I think your application will be eliminated because CIC did not take a decision in your case before 29th of March 2012. You should send your visa office an e mail to inquire about the status of your file

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