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Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by legalfalcon, Jan 31, 2019.

  1. My application status updated to - We are processing your application. We will send you .........
    Make sure you read your messages and take action when we ask you to....

    Is it a default message at 11 weeks remaining?
  2. congrats, hoping to get mine soon AOR 11th Feb
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  3. Congrats
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  4. That is great! Congratulations and best of luck
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  5. Is there anyone waiting for final review or can anyone share the time before a final decision is made. I have been wait 21 days after the IRCC agent told me that everything including eligibility and criminality and security are all passed and pending final review on May 3rd. And my visa office has been transferred from Vancouver to Montreal.

    My Stream: CEC EE inland
    Here's my timeline
    Feb 21st, AoR

    April 3rd, MEP/ IP2 at the same time

    May 3rd, ghost update
  6. you are almost there... no need to worry at all. i believe the senior officer is not available to do the final review, and they patch applications together for final review. Any dependants?
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  7. No, all by myself. LOL. Fingers crossed
  8. Aor 15 jan
    ghost update 1 may
    2nd ghost update 7 may
    yesterday IRCC agent told me same thing that my eligibility , criminality nd security all are done, You will get a good news soon
  9. Just got off the call with IRCC and I was told that:

    Eligibility: passed
    Medicals: passed
    Criminality: passed
    Security: just started

    My AOR is 4Feb, and I saw 2 ghost updates in the last two days making me think I would have passed both criminality and security, but the agent told me the first ghost update was for criminality passed and second for security starting. So sounds like I'd have to wait for another 3rd ghost update, hopefully the final one. Would like to know if anyone has experience how long the security step usually takes (primary applicant + spouse), but I'm sure it varies a lot.
  10. Wow!! I really envy you guys. Your applications are moving at super fast rate.

    Congrats guys!!
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  11. Darn. If I had known Feb AoRs would get processed this fast, I would have held off applying.
  12. You are only seeing the small number whose applications are moving. You are not seeing the thousands who are stuck with no updates whatsoever.

    Looks can be deceiving.
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  13. Which number did you cal to talk to the agent? Are you in Canada? I have tried both toll free and toll numbers and it won't let me through.
  14. From inside Canada you can call 888–242–2100 for outside you can Google it as I'm not sure.
  15. Thanks much. I will try this number.

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