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Fall 2019 Intake: Pakistani Students Only

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Mustunsir, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Hello everyone:

    I am hoping to get in touch with people applying from Pakistan for Fall 2019 intake. I hope to have discussions. I request sharing your unique experiences so all can benefit.

    Looking forward to your thoughts.

    Best wishes,
  2. I am a Pakistani applying from Saudi Arabia.
    I have got the acceptance letter from Durham College. Now applying for visa. Let me know if I can help you.
  3. Janab:

    I will do my best to help if I can. You can ask here or sent me a message on this platform.
  4. Have you been accepted in any college/university?
  5. Je ha!. Memorial Univerisity, MA Political Science with funding. Now doing my best to prepare the application.
  6. Do I really require WES evaluation for applying to Ontario Colleges?
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  7. I guess If you are taking scholarship you will not be eligible to apply for PGWP. Please be aware of that
  8. No, it is not needed. You just need your College results/transcripts and IELTS (Academic) report
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  9. When visiting the pages for colleges, for example, Sheridan, Fanshawe, Durham, Humber, it was written in their website that WES Evaluation is required.

    I am already late for the admissions but some programs are still open, If I get an evaluation before applying, then I would be very much late.
    It would be great if you could confirm again that WES evaluation is not required.

    Also could you please tell me is it better to apply to Graduate Diplomas through OntarioColleges.ca or by going through each college website and applying through there. It would be very much helpful.

    Which program did you get selected at in Durham College?
  10. Hi
    I am also applying from saudia.supervisors are not replying although i am following every step to contact them,in terms of interest amd everything.what should i do further i just cant understand where am doing wrong?
  11. Many thanks for sharing this. I will look into this. I am not sure about it. One of my friends had funding for 4 years in Ph.D. at USask. He is back home with PG Work Permit. In fact, I submitted his WP application after which he was asked for Biometrics that we gave and got his passport back with 2 years of GPWP in 3 days. Don't know if some new rules are added now. Please enlighten us.
  12. If you are into Social Sciences. Forward one of your supervisory request (the one you have sent to professors) at this: mustunsir@gmail.com. I'll have a look. Hope to help.
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  13. Thank you.but my subject is pharmacy.can you be still helpful?
  14. Share your email that you have sent to prospective supervisors. I'll see whatever I can to help. Here is my email again: mustunsir@gmail.com
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  15. Has anyone from Pakistan experienced issues with their biometric enrolment?

    I applied for a study permit online and received a request the following day to submit my biometrics. However I've been struggling to schedule an appointment online. When I go to the scheduling website, their calendar does not let you select a time and date for any month of the year. This is obviously a glitch. I've tried calling them (no one answers), and chatted with an agent who told me the entire month was booked, and to keep checking their website and wait/hope for "additional slots" to open, which is ridiculous!

    Has anyone else faced a similar issue? Do you think going to the Visa Application Center in person would make a difference?

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