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Express Entry Step by step instructions.

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by keerthiv, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone

    My IELTS score expires on Feb’20 and I have already submitted my application in SINP through Express Entry

    my express entry will expire in Feb’20. If I receive an approval from SINP about my application then can I retake IELTS after I receive my SINP approval?

    I do not want to give IELTS before having any confirmation from SINP

    Can any one guide me and let me know what is the time line in finalising the whole process
  2. Please can anyone put me through on how to relocate to Canada without IELTS,if possibe names of schools that don't make IELTS compulsory
  3. it is not possible
  4. ielts should be valid till aor
  5. Hi everyone,

    My husband has a Bachelor of Engineering cert. All the minimum requirements have reached exception IETLS can't reach all 6 scores. We have an additional score from siblings living in PEI over 1 year. Can he apply for EE program?
  6. Hi all, my express entry profile expiry was on November 18, 2019 but i can still login and see my profile in the pool. How much time it usually take to get ineligible? Because I need to create another profile and I am waiting for this profile to get expire.

    Please advise
  7. getting to Canada without IELTS
  8. yes you can claim sibling points but first you have to clear IELTS and score CLB 9 to get a good CRS
  9. wait for today as the website is down for maintenance
  10. Hi guys,

    Can I use IETLS band 5 to apply EE program
    1. I'm considering changing my NOC to 1223 (Human Resources and Recruitment Officers) as I have about 9 years experience in this field working for 3 international companies. However, I have a BSc in Mechanical Engineering. would this be accepted based on my work experience? Would my education in Mechanical Engineering cause it to be rejected?
  11. While filling express entry form do they ask for child details?i completed form but they only ask for spouse detail not for kid
    My score 465
  12. Hi all,

    What should I write on city/town of school section during express entry profile creation? My college is of different city than university.

    Moreover, what should I write on name of college section? College is different from university. ECA has university name on it, but final degree has both names.

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