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Exporting/Importing Vehicle - US to Canada ONLY!

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Baffled, May 21, 2016.

  1. Do we need to make any other changes apart from Daylight Running Lamps (DRL)? Like "Metric speedometer", "Odometer labels" etc.
    How much was the total cost to make all the changes? was it CAD240 or more?

  2. That's the only change my car needed, it was a bit less that 240, like 237CAD.
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  3. @Mthornt Did your car already had Metric speedometer, or is it not mandatory to change the speedometer from miles to km?
    Speedometer on US cars shows both miles and km, but the primary one is in miles, I heard that the primary speedometer needs to be in km, in order to register the car in Canada. Is that correct?

    I have Nissan Altima, so I am assuming changes required on my car would be similar.

  4. My car isn't yet registered, just imported so far. I've been told that since my speedometer shows both, that no change needs to be made to it. I imagine that even if that needs to be changed, it would be pretty minor and inexpensive.
  5. You do NOT have to change the speedometer as long as it shows both miles and kms, even though the miles are the primary display unit.
  6. How about Mercedes GLK (made in Bremen for USA) - the main speedometer scale is in mph, but central digital display can be switched from mph to kmh back and forth?
  7. Yes you follow the same steps listed, exchange drivers license (which requires Canadian address proof and US driving history), get insurance and then register.
    You can check kanetix for auto insurance quotes. For daily commuters from Canada to US, please verify your auto insurance covers US travel for work purposes.
  8. I am not sure about that, but I would think it should be ok since you will be able to see the digital speed in KMS.
  9. I can confirm this is the case with me too. I visited Canada for a day or two a few times after becoming PR but in my most recent trip I was able to submit my goods to follow list for the first time.

    Just go with all the facts that @APPNOV2014NY has pointed out. Thanks @APPNOV2014NY
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  10. Hi, I'm moving to Canada on a weekend (Detroit-Windsor) and assuming I can't export a car on the weekend (is this correct?), is it possible to quickly bring it to the U.S. from Canada on a weekday just for exporting? Is there a rule that that car has to be in the U.S. at least for 72 hours?
    Anyone did something similar? @APPNOV2014NY or someone?
  11. To export your car from the US to Canada your car must remain in the US for 72 hours prior to export. Call the border to ask if there's restrictions on exporting a vehicle. Each border is different.
  12. I called the detroit border for a similar situation and he said you can bring the car from Canada, and just turn around and export/import and go back to canada. Nothing about car needing to be in the US for 72 hours, just the paperwork needs to be emailed/faxed 72 hours prior.

    Im still confused about that though because everywhere i read, it says otherwise.
  13. You believe what you want to believe, rules dictate that the vehicle remain on State side at least 72hrs. Paperwork needs to be mailed 72 hrs ahead of time but also stipulates vehicle remain there as well. That being said you could just say the vehicle indeed has been in the states for 72 hrs if they ask, don't think they check or care. However, if they ask ( they may not),has it remained in the states for 72 hours and if your answer is "No" then they will simply ask you to come back because at that point they would be doing something out of procedure.
  14. Where does it say that vehicle has to be in US for 72 hours?


    >> Documentation needs to be submitted 72 hours in advance
    >> Vehicle should be at POE at the time of export
  15. That's strange to me. Each border might do it differently though. I would assume the people at the border you're crossing should know their policy though. I might call back again to that border and verify with someone else, and make sure you get their name. That way if there is an issue you can say "I called at X time and spoke to Y and they said Z" type of thing.

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