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Educational Credential Assessments for ACCA+Bsc (OBU) - WES

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by A-K, May 31, 2018.

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    The ECA for ACCA members is pretty straightforward. However, the wait time is awfully long. I am halfway through the process and wanted to share with you. I followed these steps:

    1. WES Account Creation - 6th May, 2018 (Usually takes 5 minutes or less)
    Just create your account with the proper name and selection of proper report. Eg. IRCC and avoid clicking expensive report delivery medium. Choose standard delivery, i.e, $7 and make the payment. I paid CAD 233 (approx.)

    After creating the account you will be given your WES # 123456, which will be helpful in your future correspondence with your university and WES.

    2. Write an Email to ACCA to send the ACCA Transcripts and Letter of Good Standing to WES on the address mentioned in your account. (This process is slow, so you have to do this first) (14th May reached to WES)

    - ACCA does this for free of charge and you will be given the date of collection of documents for delivery (usually 3-4 business days after your email date)
    - Follow up with ACCA after this date and ask for TRACKING Number. (Mine was sent through DHL)

    3. For ACCA's you have to provide LETTER OF AWARD and any other certificates received from ACCA by themselves.
    - I photocopied (Color) ACCA Membership Document, Professional level completion certificate, Advanced Diploma Certificate. ( I had received from ACCA during the course of studies, DO NOT WORRY if you havent, you can download the transcripts, Advanced Diploma and Professional Level Certificates from the link below;

    a. https://exams.apps.accaglobal.com/acca-pr-web/certificate/ext/certificates
    b. https://exams.apps.accaglobal.com/acca-pr-web/external/publish-results/#

    Place these 3 documents and send to WES with WES # which you have received earlier. (10th May 2018 reached to WES)

    4. You have to buy transcript certificates from Oxford Brookes University for 15 pound. If you want to expedite the process you can also buy 'Express Delivery Option' for 25 pound, Your certificates will usually reach within 3-4 days. (10th May reached to WES)
    -Do Not forget to email them and request them to include your WES # on the certificates. Of course you will receive the tracking numbers from OBU.

    5. You can track your all items through tracking number received from ACCA, Local courier (sent by yourself), and OBU on the website.
    - I used DHL for WES and used to check regularly on DHL website.

    6. You can also track your items whether it has been received by WES or otherwise.
    - There is 'Track your item' option in WES account. By entering your DHL tracking number you will know if WES received your documents.

    7. After receiving the documents, WES will update your account and the saga of WES Evaluation begins.
    - WES Account will show 'We have received your documents and we are reviewing the documents' - 16th May, 2018
    - Have patience and wait for 2 calendar weeks (maximum).
    - If you do not see any movement in WES timeline, Contact WES through Contact Enquiry form (only available during weekdays) , Facebook (message them with WES #123456) or twitter. I have not tried calling but heard that there is wait times of 30 mins or 45 mins. I messaged WES on facebook and the turnaround time was 2 hours and sometimes instant.

    8. After two weeks, your WES status will change to 'We are reviewing your evaluation report ' and now the promise of 20 days begins and you will be given a tentative completion date. (I am in this stage now) - 30th May 2018.

    Waiting for the due date 19th June, 2018..............................................
  2. Hi,

    Thank you very much for this info.

    Have you received the report now? It is past due date.

    My due date is June 22, 2018.
  3. On June 19th, I received my report as Two Bachelors degree, 4 years each. Personally, I found them very professional. Basically, it takes 5 weeks after they have received the documents.

    No worries, you will receive your report on due date. Keep on contacting them on the due date through FB message to WES. They reply within a couple of hours.
  4. Ok.. Congrats...

    Thank you. 2 days more for my due date. The wait is agonising.
  5. I have Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business Certificate from ACCA. How did you fill out the "diploma/certificate" for ACCA fill out box in the WES application - there is no ACCA?- did you manually type it out?

    Country of Education:
    Name of Credential:
    Name of Institution:
    Institution Type:
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  7. Thank you so much.

    Can you tell me for the below:
    What Is The Name On The Credential? will not be my full name? or would that be what you mentioned?
    Name of Diploma/Certificate??
  9. I am filling this for someone that is why I dont have much Idea.

    Name of Diploma/Certificate : The person has "Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business" mentioned on his certificate but many places on the forum it says to mention "Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants " this is what confusing me
  10. See, firstly I suggest you not to fill the details if you are not from the same field.

    Secondly, You said he has Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business.

    Has he cleared professional papers and has got the completion papers P1 to P5?
    Additionally, if he has completed the professional papers, has he obtained the membership of ACCA?

    If you answer yes to both questions; then only he is the Member of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and can write Member of ACCA in the Name of Diploma/Certificate

    If you answer no to above questions, I am unsure how WES will evaluate Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business. you better call WES or message WES on facebook to inquire more about the equivalency and procedures.
  11. Thank you A-K for the reply. Actually the person dint complete all his exams or papers. He has completed F1. He contacted ACCA and they told them that he is has Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business
  12. Hi


    I like to confirm one thing, do I only need to send my ACCA and OBU documents or do I need to send my post secondary school and colege certificates too ?

    Please clarify on that.


  13. You only have to send the documents mentioned above. No need to send other certificates (10th, 12th) or any other docs.
    Basically, you have to send only the highest educational certificates for ECA.
  14. Hi!
    I am an ACCA member.
    1) Does CAT route effects your ECA for ACCA (completed CAT students get exemptions in F!1, F2 and F3)?
    2) Does your OBU class of hons. (i.e 1st class, 2nd class, 3rd class etc) effects your ECA for OBU?

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