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ECA from University of Toronto (CES)

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Mada, Mar 22, 2019.

  1. Hi could you please update on how much delay happened from the time of your transcripts delivery (as per courier) to the time when CES confirmed that they received your transcripts
  2. what delievery option should i choose when filling the form
  3. I don't think so either, but you should wait for their reply..mybe you will be lucky, finger crossed :)
  4. Don't worry, it take some time for them to update your file. They will get back to you for sure ;)
  5. What form?
  6. THanks Mada! You are a stress buster!
  7. Haha :) Well, that's why I opened this topic - I had the exact same questions and I was soooo stressed as well (no reason tho).. :p
  8. Hey all! Has anyone been asked to provide RCPM fingerprints? if yes, how long it took for you to receive the file? I submitted my fingerprints electronically last Thursday, on July 4th, here in Toronto, but no news yet.. Not sure if I should be concerned or not.. :(
  9. Sorry for late reply, it took CES about 10 days but they mentioned they had received it the same day when it was delivered, i.e. 15 march (I was notified on 25th or something)
  10. Still in the process. 11 days left to complete 3 months since the documents delivered. Hoping to get it done soon.
    • Complete 1. Initial Review In Progress - April 26
    • Complete 2. Transcript(s) Received - 29 April
    • Not Complete 3. Initial Review Complete
    • Not Complete 4. Assessment In Progress
    • Not Complete 5. Assessment Decision Made
    • Not Complete 6. Decision Dispatched

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