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Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by qorax, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. May i ask if some one can assist us how long will it take to get passport back if it has been sent via VFS dubai. Also is it possible that one can get rejection after getting passport request...

    Please reply
  2. In an excel sheet make a list as per type of jewelery e.g. Earings, necklace, bangles etc and total the quantity/weight and value no need to mention indvidual items and then once u list all the items sum up the whole sheet and mention this figure in ur goods accompanying B4 form under jewelry head and attach the detail sheet with it. U can take pictures for each category seperately e.g. All Earings one pic, all rings one pic etc
  3. Yes u can get rejected even after passport request on grounds of asking illogical questions on this forum. Come on man passport request means they already decided to give u visa so why would they reject? Grow up i hope u r mature enugh to get the logic
  4. I applied for Character Certificate or Police Clearance Certificate from Pakistani Consulate in Abu Dhabi,
    What I received after 5 months is a paper having black and white letterhead with black & white emblem mentioning their is nothing adverse in Police record during my stay at "my address in Pakistan". Only colour on the paper are of the signature and the embassy stamp.

    That certificate contain no other information like CNIC No. Passport No. DoB, not even my photo.

    I intend to submit the same to the LVO or CIC in the hope that it will be acceptable .

    Kindly share your experiences, preference and steps to follow to get PCC from Pakistan while living abroad.
    (Did anyone tried the services of "Mamoo in Pakistan
  5. Hi Maqsood,

    Relax buddy........each person has its own question and has its logic. Nobody is perfect and has sense in life to ask to clear his doubts.

    FYI, unless visa is stamped, nothing can't be said. There were cases who got proof of fund verification at the time of passport request and other exception cases.

  6. Hi Krunal,

    I had done the same thing and renewed the passport before PPR.

    You are good to go and get the new passport.


  7. Thanks a lot brother!!
    God bless !!
  8. Dear Mates, may I ask how many days or months to wait from MR to PPR? Thanks for the comments
  9. Hi All,
    Apparently I’m not allowed to post a new subject, but I need an advise.
    I applied for the FSW in May,2014 and was requested for an interview on march,2015. The officer was brutal and biased. I received a refusal in June,2015, and I requested the CAPIS report to see his notes, the notes confirmed my suspicions about him.
    I have a representative how is asking me for 5000 US dollars to send a reconsideration letter, or appeal so they call it, but when I asked they said they’ll never go to a court which means it is a reconsideration letter.
    • I want to send the letter myself, what is the address that I can send my letter to? If someone knows, please help.
    • The representative said that it isn’t necessary to send the letter within 60 days, is that true? As I read in the internet it should be within 60 days otherwise it’s useless. So do I have time?
    • The problem was with my work experience as I was on my husband’s visa and we did an internal contract between me and the company, but I don’t have labour card or labour contract (it is an old experience before the labour restrictions), do you have an advice for me? I provided document from the company but he asked for more proof. What can I do?
    Appreciate you help guys if you have information please please let me know.
    Thanks :-[
  10. As u r being rejected post interview i think there r very glim chances that they will reconsider it but u can always give a shot

    Regarding where to send recomsideration letter. The refusal letter you received must be having fax number on it fax on that number and also su can courier ur reconsideration letter along other stuff to LOndon visa office address

    Immigration and medical services division
    Canada House
    Trafalgar Square
    SW1Y 5BJ
  11. max 3 months. you will receive the ppr request via e-mail
  12. Very happy and excited to share the good news of PPR. which i received at 5pm today Dubai Time.

    Thanks be to god almighty.

    My Timelines.
    NOC:- 0113
    VO/Program Assistant:- LBM
    Application received by CIC :- 08/10/2014
    PER:- 15/01/2015
    Photo Request:- 25/02/2015
    PCC Submitted:- 28/05/2015
    Second Line Update:- 14/07/2015
    MR, RPRF:- 30/07/2015
    RPRF paid:- 01/08/2015
    MR Submitted by Al Zahra :- 02/08/2015
    PPR:- 06/08/2015
    Passports will be submitted to ADVO on 10/08/2015 personally.

    Third Line & DM still not updated in Ecas

  13. Dear Mates or Kababayan, may I ask if you have the same situation. I have already completed my MR and other PCC's except my Qatar PCC which is in transit and pending. My deadline is on 14th of August to send the required documents. However, my friend in Qatar is expected to receive only the documents I sent by Sunday or 9th of August. I have limited five days to complete before the deadline and it is a pressure considering the time of filing and sending of documents. Will the CIC be considerate just in case my Qatar PCC will not reach them on time?? Thanks for the advice mates
  14. Send them the documents u already have and request them via email extension for qatar pcc they will surely allow additional 30 days for this.

  15. @Zmacsood thank you for the reply. I went back at home already in the Philippines that's why my Qatar PCC took time.

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