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Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by qorax, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. Oh sorry, thanks mate !! I will delete my comment so it does not confuse others :)
  2. Good day all!

    Anyone added newborn after receiving MR request?! What's the average waiting period for DM/PPR after completing MR for such situation?

    I received MR+RPRF request on 3rd July 15, completed regular MR for family, upfront medical for newborn on 16th July 2015. Also paid RPRF on 7th July 15. Then sent a cover letter, informing about newborn, submitted all necessary documents/forms & CAD 150 fee to include newborn, also PCC as requested by LVO.

    PER was on 19 Dec 14, photo request on 3 Feb 15, MR uploaded on 16 Jul 15, 2nd line on 10 th Jul.

    Any guidance will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you.
  3. Helo guys I submitted my pp to ADVO on 8th July 2015 . They said you will get pp back in 10 days . Can anybody tell me the approx time it will take to get my pp back with pr visa I am so tensed as I resigned from my job and 30 th july is my last day on my duty. Please help guys how to enquire about the pp ! ???
  4. Forget about what they said. In PPR for me it was written that it will take 4 weeks and i submitted on July 04 and still waiting for my passport. So hold tight. U still get one month after ur last day at work to exit so wait for another week and if u dont receive by than, head to ADVO and request them in person m sure they will help u out
  5. Very happy to inform that i just received my Medical Request from LVO.
    Thanks be to god almighty.

    NOC:- 0113 (Purchase Manager)
    App :- 8th Oct 2014
    PER:- 15th Jan 2015
    2nd Line in Ecas :- 14th July 2015
    MR:- 30th July 2016

    VO/Program Assistant:- LBM/LVO
    Applied from Dubai, UAE

    PCC Sent in June without being asked by VO/PA, so just received Medical forms, RPRF and schedule A form.

    Timelines on my left.

  6. Congrats!
  7. Hi.

    Do I have to send the request for the extension of time thru email at ldnimmigration@international.gc.ca
    or do I have to send my other ready pcc's and write a letter to request the extension deadline for the other pcc or should I do both?

    Thanks a lot.
  8. Send the one u have along with cover letter explaining reason for delay and proof that u already applied for and expected receiving date. Once u send it by courier to be on safe side also email back on same email u got from visa officer with same
  9. I got MR, but don't know whom to go.
    pls suggest one
  10. Dear all, I need experts advice on my below concern.

    I'm currently waiting for passport request after medical. pretty much at the last stage of FSWP 2014 applicant.

    One of my passport page is slightly damaged so I want to renew my passport. However, i am confused to do it now before getting PPR request and send both passport when request come from visa office or renew it after visa stamped.
    If i will do it now, will it effect to processing time ? obviously the application has been initially filed with the old passport.

    I need your advise. So please help me.
  11. If in dubai go for zahra hospital sharjah as they r quick and very professional

  12. Friends i need your help please. can someone reply ?
  13. Hi Krunal,

    I don't think it should be a problem because your application has been processed on the basis
    of your name and not only passport and if at all there is any issue you can always explain that
    physical proof of damaged page is there and you didn't wanted to take any chances hence you
    renewed your passport.

    All the best !!

  14. Hi Guys,

    We are finally about to move out of Dubai to move to Montreal by 25th August and
    would appreciate if somebody who has already made landing can advise as to how
    do we make list of jewelry list and pics etc.

    Do we list and make prices for each items ? For example there are few earrings etc.
    so do we make price list for each of them or we just say lets say we have 5 pairs
    and make one price for 5 pairs of earrings?

    Will appreciate if somebody can guide me in this matter!!

    Thanks & God bless

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