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Driving Experience Letter from Saudi

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by ksa2can, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. thanks dear for your support

    Pls advise the procedures in Ontario , what happen when you submit this letter to them ?

    Did you go directly to g test
  2. Hi Finland,
    I took this letter from Maroor along with original driving license to DriveTest in Etobicoke/Mississauga , they check the dates and take it to the manager from Approval. Once manager approves it and submits it the system yes you get One direct attempt for G test without any wait period. If you fail the G test then you will have to go for G2 and after that G.
  3. Hi Shariq,
    here is pic of what "Taqreer Malomaat an Saiq" looks like[​IMG]

    Hope it helps,
  4. Can please just confirm that is the only.document required as one of my friend confirm that it is also required to get a cover letter on letterhead of maroon.
  5. Friends I just wanted to confirm howany letters are taken from Saudi Maroor Office?

    I have taken one page report but it is printed from dot net printer on Maroor paper (Not letterhead) and has signature and stamp from mudeer in maroor.

    Is this the only document required or do I also need some driving experience letter on letterhead.

    Appreciate response from who have done this process..
  6. Yes , this is the only paper I took with me to DriveTest and it worked for me.
    Take this letter along with original driving license to DriveTest Ontario and also have both translated in English from authorized translators in Ontario, Translations done out of Canada are not accepted.
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  7. Thank you dear for your response and help.
  8. Thanks a lot brother. This really helps. :)
  9. Dears,
    I visited the DALLAH DRIVING SCHOOL AS SULAY and they gave me the report but without stamp or signature. I stamped it from INFORMATION AND DOCUMENTATION CENTER in Rawdah, it was stamped and signed by their manager.

    Coordinates for both locations are below:

    Dallah Driving School
    As Sulay, Riyadh 14275
    011 244 0432


    Information and Documentation Centre
    Al Mutawakkil Al Abbasi, Ar Rawdah, Riyadh 13213
    011 491 3846
  10. Hi all, I am based in Riyadh and there is a Dallah Driving School in the Muruj area. As this location is closer or more accessible.

    Dallah Driving School

    Has anyone recently done this in Riyadh? Could you please provide any additional information on whether they have gone to any different Dallah Driving School locations to obtain this report?
  11. Dear, I got one paper from maroor but really confuse whether it works? It's all in arabic, just stated the details as mentioned in driving license and maroor logo in the background. Does your report is same.
  12. Hello Phoenix, I got the letter in dot printed paper shoeing maroor logo in the background, but when I asked for signature and stamp, the guy refused. Had you got the signed and stamped one?
  13. From which maroor station you got the report?
  14. Hello Everyone,

    I am in Jeddah and would like to know if anyone have obtained the driving experience letter from Jeddah. Is it the same way like in Riyadh?

    It will be a great help if somebody can share there experience.

    Thank you
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  15. Hi Thomas,

    I will also try to get this letter in Jeddah. Kindly post your experience and location of their office. Thank You!

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