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Documents required for spouse open work permit(SWOP) application

Discussion in 'Temporary Residence in Canada (Work, Study, Visit)' started by Mikar, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. What documents did u submit for SOWP?
  2. Do I need to fill Spousal Sponsorship Form for SOWP ?
  3. Can i do the upfront medical exam for SOWP?
  4. Yep, you can do. You need your spouse offer letter and passport.
  5. Thanks
  6. hello friend,

    i am gona apply sowp and visa for my daughter 6 yrs and she need to go school here and wife to work. pls let me know the fee details just wana clarify this is wat i got when i applied. this is correct.

    so i mentioned my wife gona work in the questionnaire and the fee for her is 255
    mentioned daughter is gona visit the fee is 100. for my daughter.

    pls clarify the is my daughter can study in dependent visa or do i need to apply for study permit

    Work Permit 1 $155 $155
    Open Work Permit Holder Fee 1 $100 $100
    Visitor (includes SE, ME and EXT) 1 $100 $100
    The fee shown is an estimate based on the fees in effect on the day that this Personal Reference Code is issued. The actual fees to be paid will be calculated on the date of submission.
    Total Price (CAD)$355
  7. hello friend,

    just wana know if u have applied for sowp, if yes pls let me know wat documents u submitted pls...


  8. hello ,

    may i know if u have appplied may i know wat docs di u submitted. pls comment.

  9. Hello can you please guide me through out the process for applying SWOP for my wife,
    Which form do i need to fill and how much money do i need to show for application process? And supporting docs i needed?

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    @pradeep Kumar07 :
    I am also applying for SOWP. Did you get any consolidated list of docuements to be uploaded. My husband is working in Canada (having PR). His NOC skill type is A.

    Can some also tell if my husband has to stay in Canada for a specific period of time before i can apply for SOWP from India?
  11. Hi everyone
    My spouse had gone to Canada as a full time student this year. We had changed the marital status in the passport before she went. Although the address given in the passport for my wife and mine is different. Would that be a problem if I want to apply for dependent visa? Should I be concerned about it?
    Please help
  12. Hi all
    I am a swop temporary resident applicant.actually,there is no need to submit the medical in my case.but my friend’s wife is also an applicant like me,they asked medical and she submitted it.so,I decided to take medical and updated it in between the processing.
    Can anyone tells me does it bother my application status
  13. Hi everyone

    I am in the process of applying open spousal work permit Canada.
    My wife is studying.
    I have uploaded all the required documents asked , but failed to identify where i have to upload my spouse documents .?

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